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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Back to the House

My heart will be up in the Alfa, so here is now just "the house."

We made it home with no problem.  La Mesa had put 1/2 tank of fuel in for us to start and so we filled it up on the way home.  First time for everything! No propane was needed. But it was good practice to pull into a station for the first time.  I had scoped it out in advance.

The drive was smooth even if Craig would not hear my words of wisdom about 55 MPH being the right speed.  

He feels he has to keep up with traffic.  I feel they can pass us.  Oh Well. When I'm in the driver seat, I will drive at a speed I'm comfortable with. 

If you have a Class A, what speed do you try to maintain on the highway?

Backing into the upper drive was as hard if not harder than the first  time.   I think we have to get head phones or something so we can communicate better.  

A little more road work is also needed, as in cutting out the side of that stump and a bit of the hillside.

But we are back in one piece.  Still married.  Still friends.

The good thing is everything seemed to work on the Alfa.  We made a few mistakes,  we forgot a few things, but we have made it thru our maiden voyage, and are looking forward to trips to come.

Now that we have gotten out once, I can be content to wait until the  trip at Christmas. We might go on another weekend in November, but basically I'd be OK with waiting until we can go for more than a day or two.  And that won't be until after Craig retires at the end of the year.  But we might just go sleep up there any night!

I'll post Moss Landing pictures during the week!


  1. Awesome! Glad you had a good couple of days. :) I know what you mean about the difference with the house being just "the house" - we also felt a letdown of sorts when we had to come back and unpack stuff after our trip.

  2. I'm comfortable driving in the 57-60 mph range. I really don't like to go much faster than that. The traffic can go around you. You're bigger than most of them, and truckers have no problem blowing right past you! :)

  3. So glad you had a good time. I really did NOT want to come home after our last trip. I can see you having some wonderful times in the Alfa.

  4. glad you had a great time..welcome back to the 'bighouse'!!

  5. Congrats on a successful maiden voyage!

  6. I'm so glad you first time out was a good experience. I think we all have a few dings or scratches. I guess it goes with the territory. Now you can plan/dream for your next adventure.

  7. I'm glad you enjoyed the weekend. I mostly drive our MH at 62 mph on the Interstate roads.

  8. well i go 63 in the 70 zone and 60 in the 65 zone and 55 in the 55 zone... don't worry they will pass you and you will save money by not pushing your rig... after seven months i am just now getting comfortable with backing the rig in...

  9. I am sooo glad that you got to take the maiden voyage! Will be looking forward to the pix! I don't drive a ClassA, but I have a C. I drive it around 55 to 60mph. Anything over that burns gas faster & I want to be in full control if someone cuts in front of me, I want to be able to stop at a lower speed. This happens a lot in RV's & smaller vehicles. They cut in front of you with no regard as to how dangerous that is for both parties. Also, it's better to give way to traffic & let them pass when possible. I know I don't want to be stuck behind the big trucks when I drive my vehicles that block my views. Especially if upcoming views are exit signs! ;-)

  10. I drive between 55 to 60, remind Craig that the 55mph speed limit for over 4 ton trucks applies to RV's as well.

    I read about so many RV'ers keeping up with traffic which means they're speeding. In my area anyway this is the case.

    I'm glad you guys made it back safely and enjoyed yourselves! :)


  11. Glad you guys got back home safe and sound. I'm looking forward to your Moss Landing pictures Merikay! I really did feel your excitement for your first trip out! Makes me want to start fulltiming!

  12. Yeahhhh, a successful first trip. I was worried you wouldn't want to come home. :)

    I have a Class C, and have driven 55, 60 and 65 for long periods of time. I didn't see any difference in my MPG. I drove faster on the straight, beautiful highways in Idaho. They take really good care of their roads, and they drive really easy. Other times the roads aren't as well maintained and I'll go 50 or 55. I want to feel in complete control of the rig, and sometimes the faster speeds don't work. If it's windy, I adjust my speeds also.

  13. So glad to hear you enjoyed your time at Moss Landing. Congratulations!

    As far as speeds go, it's essential that you get comfortable where you are comfortable. And, get comfortable with letting the rest of the world pass you by.

    On interstates where the speed limit is 65 or 70, we're generally quite content running at 62 or so. We feel comfortable handling the moose at that speed, fuel economy is best and we're quite fine letting the rest of the world pass us by at that speed. The truckers don't mind, and neither do we.

    Happy trip planning!

  14. We too drive around 60 mph...better gas mileage. Being retired, we aren't in a hurry anymore -- let those speed-demons pass us, we don't care!

  15. Great to hear you had a good time. I think we all forget something and not only one the first trip. I make a list but sometimes forget to write something down so it gets left behing.
    My maiden voyage was suposed to be 2 weeks and ended up being 3, but I wasn't working anymore. Keep enjoying your selves

  16. I'm glad you got it home safe and sound and still married! I'm still nervous about fueling up, especially with the toad attached.

    We drive depending on conditions, but normally about 60-62. Al feels more comfortable and in control at those speeds. If its' windy we slow down.

    Barney (driving instructor) told us that because you're so big, other cars don't want to be behind you so they will constantly be cutting you off, so be prepared. One more reason to slow down in my opinion.

    We have no problem being passed!

  17. So glad to hear your first trip was a success. I think the first trip was the most nerve racking for me. There is definitely a learning curve but each trip got better. You sound like you had a great first time out, the future looks bright!

  18. Congratulations on your first trip!!! It will never be as hard again. I'm caught up on your blog now and I got a lot of laughs. My comfort speed is 60-65 in my Class C. I agree with you, let them go around if they don't like the speed you're going. The speed in Arizona is 75 and I just think that's too fast. I'm retired and not in a hurry!!!

  19. I think it depends on the road (and weather conditions) but we try to maintain 60 to 65 on the interstate....better fuel mileage. On back roads we slow down to 55. You have to be comfortable with the handling of your rig and at what speed you can safely stop the rig in an emergency.
    Don't worry about the traffic....let them pass you by.

  20. We keep the rig between 55 and 60 most of the time on the highways. You need to drive what feels comfortable for you.

  21. I tow a 5ver. 55 is legal, but sometimes it creeps up to 60, but I try to keep it at the double nickel. Beside,that I'm not in any hurry, No need to keep up with all the accidents ready to happen.

  22. 55 to 60 is best for us. we find that traffic will pass us if they waqnt to go faster. it is fun to run down the highway following another motorhome - at a safe distance, of course.


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