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Saturday, October 15, 2011

So Where Do We Sign Up?

If today is an example of a laid back day on the road, I say: "where do we sign up!"

After a very comfortable night sleep (I was totally exhausted both mentally and physically) we walked over to a local restrauant with our friends Levonne and John for breakfast.  

Their dog Gingee was sad she couldn't come in, but found a way to see her Mom and Dad.  (Levonne was NOT happy she found her way onto a table.)

On the way back to our rigs we sighted our first otter. 
They are everywhere!

Tomorrow we are going on a guided boat tour that will focus on the otters.

John and Levonne had their own things to do, so Craig and I decided to look into renting some Kayaks.  I wasn't enthusiastic because we really didn't have what I considered the right clothes, and it would have been a long walk to the rental place.  (I have never been kayaking.)

So we settled on a nice long walk in the dunes and along the beach.

I also shot some video, but I don't have my YouTube password along, so I will post a bit of it later in the week.

I was excited to see some dolphins out in the ocean.  I have lived in California for a long time and have never seen them!

One last picture:

These are the two little dings we put in the lower edge of the Alfa.  If we get home and have this be the worst, I'll be happy.

It has been a nice first day.  

Like I said:
"Where do we sign up!"

Right now our dinner is cooking in the slow cooker, Craig is watching a baseball game, and I am blogging.  Sweet!


  1. ****Sigh*****

    I so want to be in Moss Landing, watching the otters. Oh yeah, next week I'll be there!! Yay!!

    Don't you love sitting there and relaxing? How is the KOA?

  2. Thanks for updating today. Those dings aren't really so bad, especially since they are at the bottom anyhow. OH how I'd love to be out there too, enjoy the rest of your time!

  3. Glad you're enjoying your weekend.

  4. There is always that first ding. Now you have it out of the way! Sign up now and never look back. Glad you're finally out here. :)

  5. so happy for you. this life is the berries!

  6. Sweet is right! I know how it feels to be out the first time in the rig! It's heaven. Have fun over there next door to us. We're going to watch a movie about Wall Street 2008 with Michael Douglas. See you guys in the morning! Enjoy!(Oh, thanks for that photo of Gingee. I think I'll borrow it. smiles. She is the little scamp!)

  7. So glad you & Craig are having such a great first trip out -- go ahead & sign up and you can do it every day!! It's a GGRREAT life!

  8. Isn't it wonderful???!!!! I am so happy you guys are relaxing and enjoying yourselves. That's what it's all about!! Now go and sign up!!

  9. I am so glad you are out enjoying the rig. You deserve this after all you have gone through to get here. Do a happy dance on the beach!

  10. sounds like it was a successful day with John and Levonne!!..and Gingee!

  11. Sounds like a great day! That's such a cute photo of Gingee. Waiting patiently for her family.

    I hope you enjoyed your evening. Have fun tomorrow! :)

  12. This is very gratifying to see that you are enjoying yourself. And so you should!
    All that fretting? Hm.

  13. YEA, so glad to see you on the road. I've been following your journey getting to this point and so happy it is now happening. Believe me, there will be more dings, just think of them as "visual" memories. Safe travels.
    Jan White

  14. Isn't this just the greatest life style ever? Not without it's dings and problems - but everything else more than makes up for it. I think those "visual memories" comment.

  15. Merikay,

    The dings look like they can repaired at fairly low cost so not too bad! :)~

    Looks like your first outing is going very well and we ask the question daily! Where do we sign up?!?!? :)


  16. Now you are beginning to know what it is really all about. You can sign up right inside the door of your Alfa, or maybe while strolling the beach or even (gasp!) kayaking with the otters!

  17. You're right about those dings, if that's the worst you do then you can rest easy - that's nothing!

  18. Now that you've had a "taste" of life on the road, you'll be ready to come back for "seconds" and "thirds"...

    Safe travels.

  19. It will just keep getting easier and easier and more fun and more fun!! Sweet is a good way to describe it!! Happy for you..

  20. "The dings", I really had look for them, not a big deal. The only important line to sign is the line to close the deal to sell the S&B. I wish that I was back at the beach. I would love to see the otters too.


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