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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Moss Landing

On our first day at Moss Landing we took a long walk along the dunes that separate the slough from the beach.

The path was roped off to keep people, dogs, and horses off the dunes because they are in a state of restoration.

Below is a 1 minute video of the highlights of the walk. The plants were interesting, The sunshine was perfect, and the weather was perfect.  After walking along the back of the dunes we cut across to the beach.  The waves were wonderful, and at one point we stopped to rest on a large driftwood log.  As we looked out to sea we saw the fins of a very large pod of dolphin.  There must have been a hundred of them!

At this point I'm learning to cut video down to just a taste.  I will soon be learning to add words and music.
What I want to do is create very short videos like this for my blog, but also do a longer version for ourselves.

On the second day we took a guided boat ride in the Elkhorn Slough.  The video below gives you a taste of what we saw.  It is only a minute and a half, but this time I experimented with using the still photos taken with my Canon Point and Shoot, titles and background music.

if you click on  YouTube  you can see a larger version
 Once there you can expand to full screen by clicking on the 
arrows in the lower right corner, give it a try

There is so much to learn in using the new camera and in using iMovie and iTunes.  But it sure is a lot less trouble than editing the old 8mm with white gloves!

I'm not sure if this is my thing yet or not.  


  1. Merikay, you did a great job. Thank you so much for sharing your video's with us. I think I better get on the ball and start learning how to work these things on my canon.
    I have been living in the desert for 37 yrs and how I still miss the ocean.

  2. Nicely done, I don't know the first thing about video!

  3. Good job with the videos. Hubby uses iMovie for his editing as well, and says its so much more easier than anything he's ever used in a Windows environment.

  4. Sometimes I look at people's videos, but usually not. My personal preference is no music. I did like the titles in the second video. :) That's just me, though.

  5. Nice job -- don't have a clue about video! We love the beach!

  6. You did a great job....enjoyed the video!!

  7. We're with Judy -- we usually don't watch videos in blogs. Because we have a slow Internet connection most of the time, most videos slog by, pausing and gathering for the next three seconds of action. So, thanks anyway!

  8. Good job Merikay!! I love doing vids, editing, creating, it's just fun! I liked both. I usually do quiet beachy ones where you can hear the water & such like you did & the photo ones, I do add music to as well because otherwise, it just loses attention. One can turn off the sound if they want to watch the pictorials without sound though. Great job! Love the otters & seals too, we don't have those here. But I need a fix, I need to get back down to the gulf soon to see my pelicans & little quaker birds! Thanks for posting :-)

  9. I haven't done any video editing yet, that's something I'd like to do, though. I guess Windows 7 has a video editing feature. I keep thinking I'll do all kinds of things some day when I'm bored, but it hasn't happened yet. Or maybe I'm just lazy. I'm sure when I learn how, I'll love it, too. :)

  10. we don't watch videos because the streaming is so costly with wifi. the month we had a $900+ verizon bill is the month we stopped.

    love the name of alfa!



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