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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Can't Sleep

It's 12:36 AM, and I am wide awake.  My mind is full of thoughts and ideas. I've been to bed, but couldn't sleep.

What to pack for a two day jaunt? Will it be cold at the Ocean.  Warm clothes? Summer wear? Both?

What to plan for food?  I don't want to eat out, even though I know there is a wonderful restaurant there, because I want to try out the stove, and the oven, and the convection/microwave.

Two breakfasts, two dinners. I think I'll make something simple on Friday night and something in the slow cooker for Saturday.  But what?  Food is always our top priority around here.

I'll have to see what cookware I have that fits into that tiny oven.  I might have to go to Sur La Table to buy that little baking sheet I saw last week. Maybe I should just stick with the throw away foil tray I have.  All I want to make in the oven is some half baked bread, or some garlic bread if I decide on Spaghetti for Friday.

Better go up and measure the oven first.

Do I stop the newspaper for just Saturday?  I think not.

I always do the full weeks wash on Sunday.  Maybe I should do a couple of loads tomorrow so I won't be behind.  

Craig is up too.  He said he is thinking about driving the Alfa,  and thinking about getting it turned around and up the road.  

He just went back to bed.

So exciting.

I'd better go back to bed now too.


  1. Lots of decisions! I thought you bought a nice set of stackable pots?

    Before we were fulltimers, I kept the Mh packed except perishable foods. A few summer and winter clothes, underwear, and jackets. That way we didn't forget anything and it was easier to get ready.

    Have dun planning.

  2. I have problems getting to sleep anytime we are about to embark on a journey, it's good to be excited and restless, you new life is about to begin!

    In fact I'm up early today because we are on our annual migration South and I always get so giddy about seeing the ocean again!

    Did you get an "Oven stone" or "heat diffuser" for your oven? They tend to cook unevenly because of their small size.

    I use an old 10" round griddle in mine, others pick up a heat proof floor tile at a hardware store, or you can buy one specially made for ovens. It will really help you in the oven department!

  3. Have fun with your planning! Can't wait to hear about your weekend on the road! :)

  4. The morn after we bot our MH, my husb said he drove it all night -- in his sleep...LOL! So much fun, so much anticipation -- enjoy & have fun!

  5. I'm so excited for you!

    I keep a pizza stone in the oven to even up the heat. Some muffins for breakfast would be a good break in.

    Bring extra blankets in case its cold. And don't forget chairs for sitting outside.

    Oh!!! Have Fun!

  6. Ahhhhh time for the first trip, I remember ours so well, the pizza caught fire, the ac leaked water into the main cabin area... we had the time of our lives that weekend!

    Had it gone completely smooth it wouldn't have been so memorable. :)~

    No matter what happens, you're going to have a great time!


  7. Too funny. I still get that excited after we've been sitting in one place for a long time. I love being on the move. However, I don't have to worry about what to bring along. So I just get excited about looking at some new scenery. You are going to have so much fun.

  8. You won't need as much as you think. You can survive for 2 days with very little. For clothes - layers - as the weather will change during the day. For food - precook some of it.

  9. I missed yesterday's post for some reason there was no Wifi.
    I am so thrilled for you both to finally get out of the driveway and on a trip.
    I was amazed at the tree line. While it was pretty, soon not even a car would fit through there. LOL

    You will find as you travel along what to keep in the mh. Like others I have learned to buy extra under things and clothes that stay in the mh. I have even done that for up here in the Tin Can Cabin.
    Have fun and I can't wait to read all about it.
    Be safe.

  10. Nothing like the excitement of planning for a trip.

  11. I always kept the MH packed except for perishable food items. We even kept our "camping" clothes packed as well. That made it easier when we were ready to roll. Now that we are part-timers we will do the same.

    You will find your rhythm and what works for you guys. The main thing is that you have fun and enjoy the journey!!

  12. Don't worry about it. As my husband always says, "We are not going to the wilderness, there are stores where we are going!" It helps to remember that. I hope to meet you at Laurie and George's wedding on the 22nd.

    Leanne,(Laurie's Mom)

  13. Oh how exciting for you!! Even before I bought my RV, I bought kitchen items & things I knew I'd need in it before hand. I was glad I did that as it made it more fun to put those already bought items in my new-to-me RV back then. As others said, take different clothes or layer up. Cooking is fun in the RV. Although I was scared of my oven & would not use it for a year (I have a fear of pilot lights after almost setting our house on fire when I was a kid). And yes, use unglazed floor tiles in your oven. I'll take a pic for you & put that in my blog so you can see what I'm talking about. Oh geez, now I HAVE to do that don't I?? It distrubutes the heat around, baking items don't burn then. Otherwise, they burn & bake unevenly.

  14. I see lots of fun and good eating in your future! :)

  15. you R going to have a ball! Enjoy

  16. You're not excited or anything are you?!?! I can hardly wait for you to tell us all about your trip. You and Craig are going to be having so much fun.

  17. You guys are so funny!

    I'd take both kinds of clothes... and elastic waistbands might be in order... lol

  18. the planning is half the fun...but you really need to turn your brain off so you can sleep and actually not be too tired to enjoy your trip away!!..
    I vote for shorts and sweatshirts!!..and spaghetti and garlic bread!

  19. Wow, the shakedown trip. Just relax and enjoy yourselves! Moss Landing should be a perfect trip.


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