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Saturday, October 1, 2011

I'm ashamed of myself

Given the problems and trials some of my blog friends have had in the last month or so, I' ashamed of myself that I got upset about that stupid mouse.

Erik is dealing with mold in his RV.
Sherly is standing by her Dad as he faces end stage cancer.
Laurie and George lost his house to a flood.
Judy has been stuck in parking lots waiting for repairs for three weeks.

And others have overcome health and rig problems with good attitudes.

Our world is in deep do-do, and many good people are loosing their jobs,  their homes, and their hope.

And I'm upset about a mouse.

I'm ashamed.  I'll try to do better.

I will take the advice of my friends and get some bait and more traps, but I will also thank the forces that be for all the good things that have happened to me in recent months.

I'm sorry.


  1. I'll send ya my Mouser, Mooch. He loves mice, when they are available.......Everybody gets upset now and then when things just don't go the way they want. Hang in there it will get better........

  2. Hey, we all have down days. :) I was thinking too, you could always get one of those "live" mouse remedies. I hardly ever have to worry about even black flies or spiders with my little Ariel around. I think she would make short work of a mouse. :)

  3. Don't be so hard on yourself. We all have down days, and sometimes it helps to vent with friends. We are your friends, and are pulling for you. Good luck with the mouse catching :)

  4. We all feel that way occasionally, so don't be hard on yourself. Glad you're feeling better today.

    I'm currently worrying about our radiator after reading the blog from our friends Carol and John (Our Trip Around the Sun). They have been stuck for 2 weeks trying to get their extended warranty company (the same one we have) to come through. I guess there is always something to worry about.

    Rv living can be a wonderful life, but it's not without it's own share of problems.

    p.s. Al has tried to find out that mouse thing I mentioned. It's in one of his Pest Control magazines. It might be worth a try if he can find it. Will keep looking.

  5. Hey, if you can't rant on your own blog, where can you? Some days are just stones!

  6. That is what friends are for. You can vent and share your feelings no matter what they are. There will always be people who are worse off than we are in some way, but we still have lousy days that get us down. And that's okay. We're always here.

  7. Sometimes you're the windshield and sometimes you're the bug Merikay. :)~

    That's one reason why the blog is there, to let loose a bit and send the frustration out into the void so you can feel a bit better.

    That's one reason my URL is Erik's RANTZ, sometimes you just need to blow off steam and I do it quite often as you know!

    The RV lifestyle is an interesting one, I'll compare it to owning a race car, be it drag race or circle track, what have you. There is always something to work on so we just remind ourselves in the end it's worth it.

    I'm out in Rockford in the RV so we can visit my Father in law who just had heart surgery. Seeing him laying there reminds me that we need to enjoy the time we have, had the doctors not found the aneurysm he likely would have dropped dead some time soon.

    I know that's morbid but it really reminded me to try and start enjoying life.

    Good luck with the non-rent paying squatters, may they be 6ft under soon!


  8. Oh, believe me, we've all been there, even over small things, and BIG things. I'm worried about the RV getting mice too...and wasps, and stink bugs :)

    We'll have a great time at the wedding though!!

  9. There are some things worse than a mouse, that's for sure --- just can't think of too many right now. But yeah, it's OK to blow steam once in a while. You've been having a trying time, and that mouse just capped it off, so now you don't have to worry about things any more!

  10. Good post - puts things in perspective.

  11. A mouse in the house can ruin anyone's day!

  12. This is a great post Merikay...my last post was on comments not be posted...how pathetic is that??? I thought we had it hard until I read the last two posts of Go West ..Feral woman...she is on my side bar. Now I think we are doing pretty good...This is what is so great about blogland..we can share and with you posting about mice kind of takes my mind off what is going on for a few seconds...you just to give things a little time..don't get discouraged and if Craig doesn't do things then you have to do them yourself or hire someone.....sometimes I am my own worse enemy...unitl I say no more...

  13. Hey - it's okay. We all have our days. Say what you need and know that we all understand. Life is just full of ups and downs.

  14. we all have our days..or weeks for that matter!..hang in there..hope you have some luck with the mouse hunting!!!

  15. No need to apologize...we all have our moments. That's why our blog world is so important. We can cheer each other up and share in our happy times and in our not so happy times.
    You are human!!


  16. Hey, its ok. I do my share of complaining on my blog. But I am also thankful for what I have. I understand why you were upset, it's frustrating to have a mouse or mice invade our space, they are dirty and destructive.

  17. It's good when you get some perspective without being too public about your moments huh?

  18. While we were in Alaska this past summer, our daughter found a rat or large mouse in the toilet (it had drowned). We than discovered that it or a companion had been eating some cotton quilt batting stored in my closet. I'm now a bit skittish about any scratching noises I hear in the roof or closet. We set out poison bait traps. So I understand getting upset about a mouse. It's all relative. Hang in there.


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