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Monday, October 3, 2011


The mouse war goes on: 

No more mice have been caught and no other droppings have been sighted.

I am reluctant to put mouse bait inside the coach because I didn't want a mouse to die in some hidden place and smell. I bought some baits that were called All Weather blocks,  put them onto plastic container lids and slid them under the RV.  I also put three into the bays.  Since the bays are empty, I put a sheet of white poster board down under the bait.  That way I will be able to see if anyone visits the bait without having to pull it out and examine it.  It is much easier to see any droppings on the white than on the dark gray flooring. 

When it comes to traps, I favor the black TOMCAT snap traps.  There are a couple of cheeper versions that I have bought that have fallen apart.  Unfortunately, today was not my day, because both Home Depot and the Rural Supply were out of them. 

 I really don't like the Victor wood traps.  I have never caught anything with one, and they are hard to set. I also do not like the traps where the mouse is supposed to crawl in and not be able to get out again.  

The only problem I've had with TOMCATS is that sometimes the rodent will only get a leg caught and either be still alive when I check the trap, or drag the whole thing away.  I finally have gotten smart about that and tie the trap to something with a string!

Because I didn't want to come home without any traps, I bought six sticky traps.  I have never tried them before, but I figure they will tell me if there is any action. However, since they are one use traps, they are less cost effective than the TomCats. 

I put five of them into the bays and one behind the toilet.

I have a TOMCAT baited with peanut butter up front where I caught the one mouse.

I've had a couple of people tell me about Fresh Cab, and about a spray repellent that is advertised.  We shall see.  My objective is to trap or kill them before they have time to destroy anything or start a family. The Rural Supply said they would have more TOMCATS in, in a few days.

I'd love to get a cat, but it really would do no good.  The RV is quite far from the house and a cat that I was keeping as a pet would probably be an indoor cat, eating gourmet food and sleeping on my bed at night!

So thats were I am today.  From what I hear from other RVers it is a never ending war.  (Caught two in the garage this morning. - mice, not RVers!)

Update:  I just ordered a half dozen TOMCATS and some of the FRESH CAB from AMAZON.  


  1. It seems I'm pretty safe here in the repair parking lot, but I'll be on guard for mice once again when I finally get to Anahuac! :)

  2. I see my last comment didn't make it...what I said was that was a great post Merikay...and sometime I can be my own worse enemy until I tell myself NO MORE!! It is not just the mice ...you are trying to protect a majoy investment ..do everything you can! But really you have to find where they are getting in...and believe it can be the tiniest place.

  3. Thanks for the update on the mouse wars. We're rooting for you (not the mice). Honest!

  4. Eeeek, I really do not like mice! They ate half a roll of toilet paper and made a nest in...would you guess the stove? Yep, in the stove. I'm also pulling out all stops this year...Keep us posted on your success

  5. "I hates meeses to pieces". (OK, who said that?)
    I still like the good old Victory traps. Yes, they're a bitch to set, but with the string around the bail and then loaded with peanut butter, they're 100% effective.
    Sometimes, ('cause I'm cheap) I might reuse the trap if it's not too messy, but if the trap has seen it's usefulness, both it and the mouse can go in the trash.
    Before I sold our motorhome (*sniff*) in May of 2010, I had built some cabinets in the back room of the shed to house the RV "stuff" I wanted to keep. By using that insulating spray foam around the backs of the cabinets I've actually managed to keep those cubboards mouse free. I wasn't really sure it would work, but it seems they don't like that stuff. Ha! There's mouse droppings everywhere else in that shed, so I know they're out there. (grrr...)
    Good hunting!

  6. Al looked and wasn't able find the mice repellent thing he was looking for. Maybe they don't make it anymore.

    If you can get some steel wool and stuff it into any openings or gaps around the plumbing lines, that may help keep them out of the motor home.

    I'm with you...cats belong inside and on the bed!

  7. Howdy. We had an awful problem with mice and our service we use at the Lodge was able to help. While it's not one of the most humane ways to go - mice can create havoc on a rig and extensive damage if left untreated. He gave us some pellets that dehydrate the little critters and they go looking for water. It worked great and we did find some of them outside of the rig by the water source we provided so they did not stay in the rig. We have animals so you do have to be really careful where you place them, they do not carry the pellets into the rig. We placed the in our back bay. I hope you get the problem resolved...

  8. Merikay - Check out this blog, they applied a gel to the underside of the rig. I'm going to look into this myself.



  9. Mice are one thing we have never had problems with and after reading your trials I am so glad. I hope I haven't jinxed myself by saying that. I will listen and learn if I ever need to get rid of a few critters down the road.

  10. I'd still go with a cat... well, duh!!

    Even if it is a spoiled furball, it will be interested enough to catch a mouse for you! It might not eat it... probably best for the cat actually; but it will catch it!

    Let it live in the RV when it's parked down there. Sounds like you're going down enough that it will be visited!!! Come on... you know you want to!!! :)


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