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Monday, October 10, 2011

It Doesn't Take Much ...

To make me happy.  

I've been checking the Alfa very careful every day and I haven't found any new mouse signs. The traps and bait remain untouched.

Happy Happy, 
but I am not letting down my guard.

With mice in mind, I have been thinking about being extra clean and careful with food and snacks in the Alfa.  (I am not known for being a great housekeeper, but this is a new challenge and I want to do it right.)

One appliance I have been concerned about is the toaster.  We make toast several times a week, and I will be keeping the toaster in the kitchen cupboard.  

In the house I keep it on the counter and I notice that there are often crumbs around it. I have always just wiped them up as part of the cleaning the kitchen. 

Then I had an idea.  Put a tray under the toaster to catch the crumbs.  I could wipe it out after each use, keeping the counter and cupboard crumb free.

 But to find the perfect tray?  

"Flash of genius..." The lid of one of those cheep plastic shoeboxes makes a perfect tray.  I'm going to use it in the house so I will develop the habit of wiping it out after each toaster use.  

I had a second wonderful discovery this afternoon.  
I went to the World Market store looking for a narrow basket.  I found an inexpensive basket, AND I found a set of two 8" pizza stones.

My medium size pizza stone does not fit into the RV oven, but If set these on the bias they will both fit into the oven at once, or since I have a double shelf for the convection microwave  could use them both in it.  

We really like to make homemade pizza.  I have a number of great recipes including one with caramelized onions with walnuts and balsamic vinegar, and one with only feta cheese and dill weed. 

Pizza is always better when made on a stone and now I will be able to do it in the Alfa. Now I have to find a miniature pizza peel!

Something that did not make me happy.  On Friday the guys from the county were seen on Hutchinson Road. They came, they looked, they did not trim any trees, they left.  Craig called the supervisor this morning and couldn't get thru again.



  1. Those pizza stones are great -- I may have to see if I can find some. Great idea too for the toaster. As they say, "The squeaky wheel gets the grease." Stay after those county tree-trimmers 'til they get the job done!

  2. OK, Merikay, I need to learn how to make pizza in the convection/microwave oven in the MoHo. So far decent crust has been a huge failure. I know, I know, read the instructions. I still don't really know how to work that thing other than microwaving something.

  3. Do ya have any gluten free recipes? I can't believe that those guys just left. How do you spell lazy?

  4. Oh good news on the meece, I hope they stay away! I've heard that unglazed tiles can be used for pizza stones too, never have tried it though.
    Bummer on the trees! Soooo frustrating, I'm sorry for you that they did that! I'll bet they sent some guys that really didn't know what the heck they were supposed to do or else they didn't have the right equipment with them? Regardless, it sucks..

  5. Good grief woman! If I worried about toaster crumbs attracting mice, I think I'd go off the deep end! Guess I'm not as fastidious as you! :)

  6. I hope you don't take offense at my comment. I do not intend to offend. :(

  7. So maddening about the trees. Maybe they were just the tree checkers and soon the tree cutters will show up. Be curious to see how your pizza turns out in the convection oven.

  8. I don't have to worry about toaster crumbs either but, since you live in a mouse infested area, it will pay you to keep on top of it there. If there are mice there, they will also be interested in the crumbs inside the toaster. Open the little door on the bottom and clean it out frequently. Good luck.

  9. Good idea on the shoe box lid for the toaster. I can't stand having mine out on the countertop, so in the S&B we always had it in a drawer. After awhile, the drawer would be covered in crumbs. In the RV, we have it in the one cupboard, but on the floor. Something under it would be a good idea.

  10. I always put mine in a plastic bag (after it cools a bit) and then toss the bag every once in a while. The next size up from the gallon freezer bag also works good and then you can seal it. The important part is not letting them get in in the first place...don't forget about the pack rats on the outside though..they can do lots of damage....sorry to mention that...hang in there..you will get things under control..

  11. Can that plastic lid take the heat from the toaster? I guess they don't get real hot on the bottom but they do generate some heat. Just wondering...

  12. Yikes, the bottom of my toaster says, " keep away from flamable material". I think your shoebox cover is just that. How about a metal tray ?

  13. Good news on the mouse front...

    Love the toaster crumb tray idea...

    The pizza stones will do you double duty. When baking in a gas RV oven, use the stone under the pan to more evenly distribute the heat. RV ovens are bad that way...


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