Sunday, December 4, 2016

Hello, Where Have I Been? Why did I stop blogging? Where am I now?

In September, after a very nice summer traveling throughout the East Coast and up into the Maritime Provinces of Canada, we started our journey back west. It was time to do several maintenance jobs, a bit of appliance repair and replacement, our normal annual Freightliner service, and some dental work. Our route was not straight west, nor did it seem to provide particularly  "fun" subjects for my blog.

  • Went to Memphis for two days of Freightliner service on the Alfa.
  • Went down to Choudrant, Louisiana to get a new microwave installed, and tried to get a few other things taken care of on the rig, including getting a new door on the refrigerator. 
  • Since our service man was unable to get a new door for us, we went back to Kentucky to a shop that specializes in RV refrigerators and had the job done.  
  • Then we went to Yuma AZ. I finally got the tooth for my implant and several other new crowns in Los Algodones, Mexico. Craig had a root canal.
  • Because his tooth root showed some infection, he had to wait two weeks before getting a new crown on the tooth.
  • Rather than waiting in Yuma, where it was very hot, we drove up to Aguanga (more about that later) for the wait.
  • Went back to Yuma, Craig got the new crown, and on November 5th we went up to Las Vegas to visit good friends for a few days.
  • We are now back in Aguanga, at the SKP Jojoba Hills RV Resort, and will be here for several months.
Jojoba Hills RV Resort, is an Escapee club co-op park located in Aguanga California, about 18 miles east of Temecula. We stayed there a couple of times as visitors, and last fall put ourselves on the buy-in waiting list. In March our name came to the top of the list, and we  were offered site 719, which we took.

In the month we have been here I have been busy with some of the many activities available. I will save discussions of them for individual posts in the near future. Craig has been doing some small chores around the rig and relaxing with a few good books.

One nice thing is that we are only about 80 miles from our daughter's home in San Diego. We have been down several times and enjoy seeing family and friends there.

I'm using a picture of the Alfa at Jojoba Hills as my header right now, but when I change the header that picture will go away, so I've included another one here.

This is the Alfa on our site at Jojoba Hills: 719 Mourning Dove Way.

I like the fact that there are no rigs facing us from across the street. This is our view out the dining room window.

Our site is pretty basic at this point. 

We will be making improvements to it, but are in no big hurry. 

One thing I really love about our site is the fantastic views of the mountains and the sky.

November sunset from our site

We have had a couple of good stormy days. 

I have enjoyed lying on the bed, reading, and watching the clouds billowing up over the mountains.

So, in summary, we are alive and well, but not traveling for a while. One of my big projects for the winter is making plans for our 2017 trip to Alaska!  

I will try to post from time to time. I kept meaning to for the longest time, but was very disturbed by all the politics.
One thing I love about Jojoba is this policy:

This sign hangs below the TV in the workout room. 

Freedom from politics and freedom from religion makes for a peaceful, happy environment! Everyone is free to have their own, but discouraged from pushing their agenda or faith on others.