Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The shed is coming down

The shed is down!  

It took a little pulling, but it finally came down.  Now they are breaking it up and will haul it and the contents off to the dump!  What a mess, but I feel very happy because this is a big step toward getting the property cleaned up.

Craig was a little sad because he felt bad about letting some projects he wanted to do when we moved here get away from him.  He is keeping the cement mixer, it might be useful in some of the things we need to do, but everything else goes.

581  days, or 1 year, 7 months, 1 days to go.  
Exercise Goal:        1000 miles on the treadmill       3 miles today  967 to go
                              Someday I will be hiking in National Parks!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bikes and MY Books

Last week I took our bikes in for a good cleaning and tune up.  They have been sitting unused in the garage for several years.  We had a good routine a few years back where I would meet Craig after work on Wednesdays with the bikes in my van.  We would go for a ride and then have dinner out.  We did this for a couple of years, but after we stopped because daylight savings time ended, and winter came, we simply never got it together to do it again the following years.

 Well, they are all set now, and although we won't go out this week (Rain predicted.) I hope we can get back into riding from time to time.   (Part of my get fit for the future plan!)  But it is fun too!

This morning I went thru three shelves of books in my studio.  Ugh! They were covered with dust. Over the years I have collected reference books about wildlife, both for the information and for the pictures.  In creating my art I like to look at photos of the animal I am making, and like to learn about them.

 The books have been very useful over the years, but I know that for the last few years I have just gone to Google Images for my visual resources.  I like to use the pictures from the computer because I can print them out and hang them on the wall in from of my work table.  This is easier than using a book.

So I dusted the books off, boxed most of them up, and will be taking them to Goodwill next time.

I also have several binders of pictures I have collected over the years.  These I will keep until it is time to do the last clean out.

I also have a nice binder of all of the newspaper articles about my work over the years.  I have them laminated, and will give the binder to my daughter to keep for my Grandchildren.  It may seem a bit egocentric, but I'd love to see newspaper articles about my Grandmother!  I hope she will put them in her attic for them.

582  days, or 1 year, 7 months, 2 days to go.  

Exercise Goal:        1000 miles on the treadmill            2 miles today  970 to go

                                        Someday I will be hiking in National Parks!

Monday, March 29, 2010

A picture of the shed

This is a picture posting test.  First I had to figure out how to get pictures out of a small camera that I haven't used much for a couple of years, and then how to get them onto my blog.  It didn't work on Safari, so I switched to Firefox and it worked just fine.   I'm learning new things.  

This is a picture of the old leaky shed on our property.  

It is 20' x 24' and 12' tall.  It leaks badly and contains rotting old junk. I had a guy that gave me a bid last year to clear it out and said he could also tear it down.  Craig wasn't ready.  I called him this weekend and he is no longer interested in the project.  Guess he has enough other work!  I have the name and number of a regular demolition company, but I don't know if they will do it for a reasonable price.  they usually do large building and house demolitions.

Sometimes the best way to find a worker is by asking a local realtor.  So I went to an open house nearby and talked to the showing agent.   He seemed knowledgeable and said he knew of someone who could probably do the job.  He is going to call me with the number. 

Today I did make the first real step toward the destruction of the shed.  The Electric company men came out and removed the meter and shut off the power.  I've been waiting two weeks since I called them.

Todays log:
583  days, or 1 year, 7 months, 3 days to go.  

Exercise Goal:        1000 miles on the treadmill            2 miles today  972 to go

                                        Someday I will be hiking in National Parks!

I did put some things on the Flea market table, and am now going to look around for some trash.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

That's why I'm blogging!

 Judy's comment: "I hesitate to say this, but I sure hope you both want to do the fulltime thing. If not, it could be a very rocky road. :(  "  was about  the continuing theme of my husband being reluctant to give up things.

That's part of why I'm blogging about going full time.  And why the name of my blog says that my dreams are written in smoke.  Smoke, subject to being blown away.  Smoke, ever changing.

Blogging to ask and answer questions like "Do we both want to do the Full time thing?"

This blog is a safe place to do this.  So, please, if anyone is reading this, do not "Hesitate to say..."  Input is welcome!

For the record, Craig gave me the "kitchen tool" back this morning and told me to put it back on the Flea Market table.  Saying he wanted it was just his strange sense of humor in action.  

He is working on the house again this weekend.  Soon we have to get back to the taxes.  


584  days, or 1 year, 7 months, 4 days to go.  

Exercise Goal:  1000 miles on the treadmill
       to get into shape for long hikes in the National parks!
          1 miles today  974 to go

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Because We Want to:

The next addition to my WHY page,  plain and simple:


Last night we had a very nice evening.  It was a bit cold so we had what will probably be one of the last fires of the season, and as we sat together in front of it we talked a bit about the future.  My husband spoke of some of the things "WE" would do in the RV.  That we could go to his 50th. High School  reunion in Wisconsin.  I asked when that would be and he answered 2012.  So at least he is starting to say things that let me believe he wants to do it.

I am no longer going to post a list of what I put on the Flea market table or gave to Goodwill.  It seems to distress him and I have had to retrieve a  kitchen tool that has been unused, in a drawer for 30 years.  

I will continue to put something out or throw something away every day, but my list will have to be unpublished.

585  days, or 1 year, 7 months, 5 days to go.  

Exercise Goal:  1000 miles on the treadmill
       to get into shape for long hikes in the National parks!
           2 miles today  975 to go

Friday, March 26, 2010

RV Experience

I find it very interesting to read about all the RV experience many of the full timers, or wannabes have had.
Some going back to childhood with their parents.  One thing this does tell me is that for some, this life is what they have wanted for a long time, and that they understand the constraints of living in a small space.

We on the other-hand have almost no RV experience.  About seven years ago we toodeled around New Zealand for 10 days in a very small vehicle.

The story goes like this.  Craig had proposed the idea of full time RV living as a retirement option.  We had never RVed and I didn't think he would like it very much.  When the plan to visit friends in New Zealand came up, I thought renting an RV after a short visit with them would "cure" him of this idea. We both loved it!  Even in a small diesel, driving on the wrong side of the road, and sleeping on a rock hard platform we had to make up from the dinette every day.

Our second experience was last spring.  We rented a 25' Cruise America and drove up to the Seattle area and back to our home just south of San Francisco.  Again we enjoyed ourselves and started to note what we might want in our own rig someday.

I had planned on another "rental" vacation this spring, but have now decided the money and time would be better spent on the house so that we could actually GO someday.

I figure, if the life isn't for us, we can always settle down again.  We won't know until we are there.

Todays log:

586  days, or 1 year, 7 months, 6 days to go.  

Exercise Goal:  1000 miles on the treadmill
       to get into shape for long hikes in the National parks!
            3 miles today  977 to go

To Flea Market Table: Pastry cutter, place mats, napkins, birthday sign, oil bottle
To Trash:  Medium bag of stuff from dinning room drawer.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Only my log for today

I've got a bazillion things to do, so I'm only posting my time and exercise log today.

I will be filling the three trash cans for tomorrow however.

587  days, or 1 year, 7 months, 7 days to go.  

Exercise Goal:  1000 miles on the treadmill
       to get into shape for long hikes in the National parks!
            3 miles today  980 to go

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Busy Day Today

Busy day today!  I dusted off the bicycles that have not been used for I  don't know how many years and took them to a bike shop to get tuned up and repaired.   I want to start riding at least once a week to get into shape for the future.

I followed Craig into town on his way to work so he could stop at a fabric store with me.  I make him PJ's and he likes to pick out the fabric.  He says the plain ones at the stores are to boring and they never fit him right.

My sewing machine was in the shop for a tune up and it was ready to pick up, so I did.

When home, I sorted a few old tax year boxes and did my two miles on the TM, and am now reading blogs.

To Shredder: four years of taxes.
Retrieved:  On pot from dining room hiding place.

588  days, or 1 year, 7 months, 8 days to go.  

Exercise Goal:  1000 miles on the treadmill
   to get into shape for long hikes in the National parks!
                        2 miles today  983 to go

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hoping for a commission this week

I am an artist.  I sell my work on the internet thru my web page.  Sales have been a bit sporadic for the last year or so.  Instead of a backlog of work, I've had weeks without any new orders.   When this happens I tend to get into a "Nobody will every buy anything again..." mode.

This mornings email brought an inquire from an Advertising Agency in Texas about a possible order for 4 Llamas.  I try not to count on any sale until the Credit Card clears, but I'm ready to get back to work.

Four Llamas, will pay one month of my Health Insurance premium.

On another front, I have been watching for information on any Big RV shows in our area.  There was one in January, but I was out of town.

 I've been running a Google check from time to time with no results.  A couple of days ago I found out about a big ten day show coming up in May.  It is about an hour away, but I do expect to go a couple of times.  I have so much research about what kid of rig we want in the long run.

 I do not feel I am ready to talk to any dealers yet.  I don't want to waste any salesmen's time.  But thats what they are at the shows for.

My daily progress:

589  days, or 1 year, 7 months, 9 days to go.  

Exercise Goal:  1000 miles on the treadmill
       to get into shape for long hikes in the National parks!
             2 miles today  985 to go

To Trash:  One bag of odds and ends
To Goodwill: One bag of clothes
To Flea Market table:
  • 2 large boxes of wonderful pine cones
  • A new set of BBQ tools 

Monday, March 22, 2010

Coming together

Yesterday while Craig was working on the closet project, I spent some time looking at some of the floor plans for different models of RV's on line.   I guess one of them was a PDF and got left on the desktop.

At dinner he asked "When do you plan on ordering an RV?"
"I saw the PDF on the desktop and I thought you were leaving me a hint."

I told him I thought it was interesting to look at floor plans as a first step in deciding what we might want to buy. You see, I have a tendency to talk things to death.  Craig likes to wait until it is time to make a decision and then do it.  So I have been very careful in this to not yammer on about my thoughts on the subject.  He knows I'm blogging and getting rid of things.  The day number is on the kitchen board.
He is working on the repairs (granted not as fast as I would like) but progress is being made.

So we talked about it for awhile and I told him what my vision of the future was, adding that I wanted his input and knowing that nothing is right unless we both want it.

Then said "Well we had better find a big RV show to go to soon."
Just happens I had found an advertisement for one coming up in May at a nearby Fairgrounds.

We went to one a few years back and really didn't have any idea what we were looking for.
 This time it will be better!  I told him I expect to go several times!  He laughed!

590  days, or 1 year, 7 months, 10 days to go.  

Exercise Goal:  1000 miles on the treadmill
       to get into shape for long hikes in the National parks!
                                                       2 miles today  987 to go

To Trash:  20 things from a drawer

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Because We Can

This is the third entry on my Why - Why not page,  Funny so far I can't think of any why nots!

BECAUSE WE CAN ( or we will be able to after the house is sold)
  • We have no dependents, human or animal
  • Craig can retire any time he wants
  • We have enough money - Retirement funds plus equity in the house
  • We have no debt other than the mortgage which will be gone when the house sells
  • We have good health
591  days, or 1 year, 7 months, 11 days to go.  

To Flea Market Table:

  • A sieve
  • A herb chopper
To Goodwill:

  • Three warm throws.  All are quite nice.
  • Two bags of clothes
GOAL: walk 1000 miles on the treadmill to get into shape for long hikes in the National parks!
                               2 miles today  989 to go

Saturday, March 20, 2010


592  days, or 1 year, 7 months, 12 days to go.  

1000 miles on the treadmill to get into shape for long hikes in the National parks!
                               2.5 miles today  990 to go   

Friday, March 19, 2010

Life is shorter than we think

  • This is the second entry on my Why - Why Not page:

  • I had breast cancer at age 61.  It was small and with radiation and surgery I was assured it was completely removed.  But this experience made me really aware that life is short.  We don't have forever to do the things we dream of.  
  • NOW is the time to get the ball rolling, get the house fixed up and DO IT before it is to late!
  • Everyday counts!
To Recycle:
  • Several boxes of old magazines from the 90's that were in the attic crawl space.
I also moved several pots and pans to a hard to get at cupboard in dining room.  I will notice if I want to use any of them over the next year or so. I do use almost all of them, but I want to see if I can comfortably cook without them on a day to day basis.  I will need them at Thanksgiving, but how many of that type dinners do you make while living on the road.

The weather is fantastic today.  I had a dental appointment near were there is a weekend flea market.  I was aware it was also open on Fridays so I stopped to check it out.  They were just closing for the day.  I talked to one vendor and he said that business was terrible, no one had money, and Saturday was usually a better day.  Friday the fee is only $15, so when I'm ready to do one, I might go on a Friday just to get everything out of boxes and priced.  I'll have to get over there on a weekend soon to see how much people are charging for things.  I might do one at my house, but we live on a small road and there is very little parking.

593  days, or 1 year, 7 months, 13 days to go.  

1000 miles on the treadmill to get into shape for long hikes in the National parks!
2 miles today  992.5 to go

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Why - Why Not

Ken wrote about knowing your "whys" in a comment after my "I must be crazy" post.  I have a lot of "whys", and some "Why nots."  To help me get these more clear in my mind I have started a side page to list them.  It is a list in progress, and hopefully it will make sense to me in the end.

This is my first entry:
One of the things I want from this future is more TOGETHERNESS.  It is not that we are not "together" in this life, but so much seems to be distracting and disturbing.  
  • When we were dating, Craig and I always talked best when we were in a moving car.
  • We seemed to be very "together" and happy on our two short RV vacations.
  • An RV it is really your own small universe, you are in it together.

To Flea Market table:
8 napkin rings
4 new tennis balls
8 small tin pots
Old Movie Review Book
Rolls of contact paper
Long plastic straws

To Trash:  More than 3 cans!

Exercise goal: 
To walk 1000 miles on the treadmill to get into shape for long hikes in the National parks!
2 miles today  992.5 to go

594  days, or 1 year, 7 months, 14 days to go.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

He said he was teasing

595  days, or 1 year, 7 months, 15 days to go.  

Well Craig came home in a pretty good mood yesterday.  I told him I was sorry I had tried to get him to donate his suits, and he said he was just teasing me.  To go ahead and take them.

I did, and they are gone now.  Just teasing?  I know he has so often said things that have made me believe he is unwilling to get rid of anything easily. Perhaps this is the beginning for him. 

 Perhaps he read yesterday's blog.  He usually doesn't read my ramblings, (I sometimes blog on Myspace)  but I know he has checked this blog out after I got emails telling me I had comments. 

This may seem strange, but after 44 years we communicate in our own ways.  It is not always by direct discussion. We don't always understand each other.  Oh Well.

To Flea Market table:
  • Make-up box
  • Roll of jute roving  (it's on 20 years old, but totally unavailable anywhere!)
To Trash:
  • All old makeup etc. that was in box on my dresser.  This was bought for my daughters wedding (15+ years ago.)  I don't wear makeup alt all any more except for an occasional bit of lip stick.  That was in my purse.
  • A trash can full of stuff from the garage.
To Goodwill:
  • Five men's suits (Yes, the same ones my husband clung to yesterday)

Exercise goal: to walk 1000 miles on the treadmill
miles today (Pool day) 994.5 to go

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Does he understand?

596  days, or 1 year, 7 months, 16 days to go.

To Freecycle:
  • A small children's desk. (It's still upstairs, but I will list it later today)
To Goodwill:
  • Two suit coats and oner pair of pants.
I know I said I would not touch any of my husband's things, but as I have worked on my side of  closet, I couldn't help but push several of his old suits  to the front of his side.  I needed to go to the recycler today and I knew I would pass the Goodwill truck, so  I asked him if he had any desire to keep these seven old suit coats.  You would have thought I had asked him to give up his computer. (he loves his computer more than anything) He allowed me to take two.  May I note that one that he kept had dust on the shoulders.  Another has a moth hole in the pants, and the others are at least twenty years old.

Originally, this was his idea.  He says he wants to go with me.   I don't think he is really willing to do what it will take to get there.  

Perhaps I will look at rigs for one.

Exercise goal: to walk 1000 miles on the treadmill
3.5 miles today,  994.5 to go

Monday, March 15, 2010

I must be CRAZY!

597  days, or 1 year, 7 months, 17 days to go.  

Exercise goal: to walk 1000 miles on the treadmill
0 miles today,  989 to go  (Pool day)

To Trash:   
  • 10 things from a drawer.
  • Large bag of stuff from garage, including 4 large plastic jugs I had saved for some reasom!

I must be crazy!

I was lying in my nice warm bed last night thinking about going fulltime RVing and started to think about my life as it is now. Where I live, my workspace, and the peacefulness of my life.

I thought I must be crazy to contemplate giving it all up.

I am an artist. For over thirty years I sold my work at local Art and Craft street shows. They are an incredible amount of work, but for years they were the best way for me to show and sell. People would see my work, and if they liked it and it fit into their life, they bought it. My income was low, but my husband always made a good income so anything I brought in was "extra." It was enough to help the kids with college expenses. In some ways it is a self-supporting hobby more than a job or business

About ten years ago my husband built a Web Site for me. And eventually I was able to stop doing shows and sell exclusively thru the web site. They see my work, and if it fits into their life and they like it, the buy it. BUT I don't have to set up on the street every other week and carry finished work in inventory. My income is small, but it does help pay for my health insurance.

When we bought our house twenty-two years ago, one of my priorities was to have a studio room. That I have! I also have lots of other space and garage space for the storage that I feel I need. Many of my artist friends have far less room.  My space is perfect for me.

 The location of the house is beautiful and easy to get to.  We are in the Santa Cruz Mountains and are surrounded by forest.  But at the same time we are very near a major highway and it only takes 10 minutes to get to town. Craig still works part time at one of the many computer companies in the area.

 I’ve had customers who upon getting out of their cars, look around and say things like “This is a bit of paradise.”  Or  “You are so lucky to live here.” 

I know that.  But I’ve been here for long enough and I want to make a change. 

I must be crazy, but my heart is in this and I can't let the idea go.

We shall see ...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Started Taxes

598  days, or 1 year, 7 months, 18 days to go.  (3/14/10)

House project progress: We only work on the house on weekends because Craig is still working.  Yesterday he used a cement saw and a jack hammer to remove a section of concrete in the doorway of the new closet.  Boy was it messy.  Dust everywhere even though I put up a plastic shield.  He also removed a non functioning light and put a drywall patch in it's place and in a hole in the garage wall where we have dented it with the front of the car!

As he started working today, I put something in my dryer and found it didn't work!  There is some question about the electrical wiring the previous owner did, and somehow removing the light fixture effected the dryer.  It will be figured out, but not today!

Instead we started doing our taxes.  Craig installed Macintax and we began the tedious process of entering all of our records onto the detail sheets.  He has been doing it the same way for years, and that is just the way it is.  It seems like Macintax is incredibly slow this year.  Since both of us are considered self employed we have a lot to do.  We will be "chipping" away at it for the next month.

To trash:  
  • 2 pair of my old pants  
  • 10 useless things from drawers

To Flea market table: 

  • An ice bucket  (Found one thing today!)

Exercise goal: to walk 1000 miles on the treadmill
2 miles today,  989 to go

Saturday, March 13, 2010


599 days, or 1 year, 7 months, 19 days to go. 

Why does 599 seem so much less than 600?  Time is flying by.  I've really been doing a lot of thinking, and will soon create a page with a "plan."  Of course, plans are no more stable than "dreams."  But sometimes if you actually write things down they will be a more clear objective and you can decide if that is what you really want.

The reason the title of this blog is "Merikay's Dreams are Written in Smoke" is because smoke is the most nebulous thing I can think of.  Even sand is more stable!  My dreams can change or evaporate very quickly.  But dreams are real just the same.

On a more material subject.  We have a 1979 MG Midget parked in the garage.  I bought it in Texas when my daughter got her drivers license.  It was not for her.  She got to drive my old chevy van, much safer. The MG was for me!  It was a fun little car, and between Texas and California both my husband and I drove it for years.  In 1995 we replaced it with a new car and promised we were going to run the MG from time to time to keep it running. 

 This of course didn't happen and after awhile I got a non op registration and it became a place taker in the 3-car garage.

I had someone interested in buying it last year, but my husband wasn't ready. I've been researching other MGs on the market  to get a price range. The blue books and classic car value book are no help because they only deal with ones that are  running. 

As soon as the weather is warm I will be getting it cleaned up, photographed and put it on E-bay motors etc.  I could do that right away, but the tires are flat and I will need a bit of help.  I don't want to derail my husbands weekend work on the bathroom project just yet, so I will wait a few more weeks. 

I  mention it to Craig this morning, and he said go ahead.  

To Shredder: 1991 tax box

House project progress: Details will be put into Monday's blog! He sawed out one footing board and is off to rent a jack hammer to remove some concrete.

Exercise goal: to walk 1000 miles on the treadmill
2 miles today,  991 to go

Friday, March 12, 2010

Cutting mats and rain

600 days, or 1 year, 7 months, 20 days to go

It's a rainy day today.  Unlike many people, I like rain most of the time.  As I look out the window it seems the trees are greener and the grass is lusher than when the sun shines.  I live in a beautiful place. I don't know why I want to leave it.  I must be crazy.

I imagine what a day like this would be in the world of a Full Timer.  I guess it would depend on where he was parked.  I imagine it would be a day to cocoon.  Reading or napping. I can cocoon here if I want.  

On a brighter note, I did a little shopping today.  I had to go to town for the usual yearly blood work a healthy person of my age need to do, and decided to stop in and window shop a bit.  I'm busy getting rid of stuff, I don't need more.

I did buy a set of flexible cutting mats for the kitchen.  I always use a cutting board and have several that I like.  But they are al l quite heavy.  I thought I would give the mats a try. I don't feel the need to get rid of my boards until it is time to go on the road, but getting into the habit of the mats is a small step.  I also bought an acrylic canister for our coffee beans.  I've been using a smaller canister that doesn't hold the entire bag of coffee, so I have coffee in the cupboard and coffee on the counter.  If I like it I will get several more for flour and sugars.  I got them at Target.

I'm also critically looking at plastic bowls and microwave casseroles.  I have several heavy corning ware  casseroles that I use frequently.  Yesterday I melted a bowl that I would have never used in the microwave trying to substitute for a glass one I'm used to.

Not much on the Flea Market table today, just some little things.
Not much in the trash either, just 10 useless things from drawers.

Exercise goal: to walk 1000 miles on the treadmill
2 miles today,  993 to go

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Leaky old shed

There is a disgusting, leaky old shed on our property.  It is quite large  - two stories tall - you could park a big truck in it. In fact the first owner of the property was a contractor and he used it as a workshop.  The pervious owners left lots of junk in it.  Actually they traded something to us for not clearing it out.  We paid a couple of hundred dollars to some junk men to do it, but kept some of the more interesting junk.  We of course added a few things.  Over the last 20 years the roof and walls deteriorated, and many long tailed furry critters have moved in.  Since it has been a rainy winter, everything in it is wet and yucky. Last year I had someone who was willing to empty it for $600.  Craig wanted to "look thru the stuff" first, so it never happened.

As soon as things dry out a bit, I'm calling that guy back.  He also does demolition and I'm going to get him to tear the whole place down!   What an improvement that will be!

The reason I'm writing about it is last week I went up there and opened it to see how bad it was.  Just inside the door was a dog crate that I think my son brought with his dog some years back.  Yesterday, on freecycle, someone was asking for a dog crate.  Connection made, it is GONE!

To Freecycle:   One large dog crate

To Trash: 3 glass casserole covers.  The casserole dishes are long gone!

To Flea Market table:  2 very nice sushi plates in a neat wood box.  These were a gift from my daughter.  They are nice, but if we haven't used them in several years, we probably won't.  They are heavy as well.

601 days, or 1 year, 7 months, 21 days to clear out the stuff.  

Exercise goal: to walk 1000 miles1 mile today, 995 to go. 
 I was interrupted by the man who came to get the dog crate and have other things to do this afternoon

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Just more stuff on the Flea Market table!

602 days, or 1 year, 7 months, 22 days

To Flea Market Table: (I have filled two large boxes so far!
  • New Fondue pot
  • New Candle
  • 2 Owl pictures
  • Elephant cheese picks
  • Flower pot
To Trash:
  • 2 display boards from art set up
  • To cut up for kindling: a bunch of wood I used in one of my art displays.
To Shredder: 
  • Old credit card sales slips from before 2001 (I'm keeping the unused ones and tracker until I talk to my card rep.) 

Exercise goal: to walk 1000 miles on the treadmill - 996 to go
(Today was a pool day)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A new goal: 1000 miles

603 days, or 1 year, 7 months, 23 days to go.

I know I do well making lists and setting small goals.  I like small steps because in a way I give myself a star every time I fulfill a small item.  I once was helped in loosing weight by keeping list of everything I ate in a day, and if I kept the goal of staying under x-many calories I would give myself a gold star!  I think it was because I got so few gold stars as a child.

So I've set another goal this week and will be adding it onto my daily lists.

I need to get into better shape if I want to enjoy the RV life.  I want to walk in the National Parks and not be afraid to go on a trail that might be a challenge.  I have a treadmill that I stopped using on a regular basis last fall. And since our  dog got sick (she is gone now) I haven't been on a good outdoor walk.   I do go to the 24 hour fitness two or three times a week and do some water exercise, but It is more relaxing than strengthening. 

So ...  My new goal is to walk 1000 miles on the treadmill over the next 603 days.  I will also be adding some good walks around our beautiful area, and soon I will be getting our bikes repaired and tuned up.  

To Trash:

  • Old stool from when we first moved in and I needed temporary bar stools for the kitchen!
  • Ten random useless things from drawers.
To Flea Market table:
  • Garden Claw
  • Unused picture frame, still in dusty wrapper!

Miles:   2 yesterday, 2 today,  996 to go!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday - Small progress has been made

So excited, someone actually became a follower today!

606 days, or 1 year, 7 months, 26 days to go.

To Rummage sale or flea market table:
  • Veggie grill basket
  • Pith Helmet
  • Old motor cycle helmet (this should probably just go to trash!)
  • Ice-cream maker - Aside from it's original use for a party, I have used it once in the last five years and that was a disaster. Grocery stores do it better.)
  • 3 pairs of unopened "Hose"
To Trash:
  • old rolls of wall paper
  • 10 things from pencil box
  • grocery bag full of old socks and undies.
I always try to get the wash done on Sunday. Since a weeks worth of undies and socks are now in the wash I decided to clear out that drawer. I dumped it all into a basket and sorted good from not. One drawer now very tidy. One more cubic foot of stuff in the trash.

Husband progress: He taped and spackeled the two holes as expected. Now he is off buying a piece of wood for framing a new door for a new closet. When the disaster first happened we discovered a space beneath the stairs, in the hall opposite the bathroom and adjacent to the Laundry room that was "walled" off. At the time I suggested it would be great to turn it into a closet for "Costco Stuff." I no longer care if it exists, but it looks like it is going to be part of the project.

We had a bit of a tiff about it because he says I question his every step. I guess I do. I try so hard to keep my mouth shut. We discussed how I always look at the big picture and he only see the mirco projects!

I don't know if this is going to work.

Friday, March 5, 2010


607 days, or 1 year, 7 months, 27 days to go.

To Rummage sale or flea market table:
  • Bag of mini animal head Xmas ornaments
  • Large box of plastic table-wear and an unopened plastic tablecloth
To Trash:
  • Rusty hot-plate

OK, so it was a light day for throwing thing out. I was busy this morning going to the Kaiser Health center to get a Shingles vaccination. I've been thinking about it for a few months, and finally called Kaiser about it yesterday because I was motivated by CrusinSusan's recent problems with Shingles.

I'm looking forward to my husband working on the bathroom project this weekend. I think he plans on taping the two small drywall repairs he made in the Laundry room. I will be happy with that.

Don't nag, don't push!

    Thursday, March 4, 2010

    Boxes of old tax records

    608 days
    , or 1 year, 7 months, 28 days to go.

    To Rummage sale or flea market table:
    • Two large "coffee table" books
    • unopened rolls of shelf paper
    • plastic poker chips
    To Trash:
    • Half of a grocery bag filled with odds and ends from vanity drawers. (Two empty drawers now)
    • Ten pens or pencils from pencil box, plus other odds and ends. (I'm digging thru various places we keep writing instruments, and trying to get rid of ten items at a time.)
    • Old mixer I used in the studio for awhile.
    To Shredder:
    • First of 22 years of tax records in front hall closet.

    Inspired by a fellow blogger who scanned thirty five picture albums over a period of months before they became full-timers, I have started on the boxes of old tax records in the front hall closet. In the last few days I have removed and sent to Goodwill the old coats that were in there and now I'm going thru the papers, a few boxes at a time. I know we don't have to keep anything older than 7 years, but I am pulling the printed copies of the full forms and schedules as well as the CD disks and anything that looks like a home improvement. These will be sorted more critically later.

    If I continue to do this EVERY day I will truly lighten the load!

    Wednesday, March 3, 2010

    Filled the trash cans and pick up isn't till Friday!

    609 days
    , or 1 year, 7 months, 29 days to go.

    To Goodwill:
    • The cape I bought in Paris ( about 1986!)

    To Rummage sale or flea market table:
    • Turkey roasting pan (I have two)
    • A stack of plastic boxes for take out food, all new, great for lunch sandwiches.

    To Trash:
    • Half a can more of VCR movie tapes. I was amazed at the collection of titles. I randomly checked NETFLIX and all were available there.
    • Package of glass plates from a chandelier that we removed a few years ago. It had fallen in the 1989 earthquake and we had to buy a full set of glass to replace those that were broken.
    • This and that from some of the drawers. Dead pens, pen caps and stuff like that.
    • One master sculpture from a discontinued animal.

    I tried to concentrate on filling the trash cans today. Tomorrow I'll add the kitchen garbage before I put them out.

    As I look around I feel a bit overwhelmed by the size of the task of downsizing our possessions, and yet I know that compared to many of my friends I have very little. I have never had "collections" that took up room. Most "collections are just dust catchers and for someone who doesn't dust very often that would be a disaster. Other than art materials, my one "collection" was of pins from ski resorts. They are all on the back of one ski coat. I also have a collections of pins on a hat that I have bought on our few trips. I may keep these, I may not.

    My husbands "stuff" is another story.

    It's raining today.