Saturday, October 7, 2017

Made our first 2018 Camping Reservation Today

Craig was not happy spending the entire winter at Jojoba Hills last year. Of course we broke it up by going to San Diego for the holidays and for several weekends over the months, but he really seemed to get a bit of "hitch itch."

So today when I saw a mention of the February Winter Blast Pyrotechnic Festival  in Lake Havasu City, AZ on the Alfa Owners Facebook page, I went ahead and made our  reservation  to camp at the Lake Havasu City Rodeo Grounds right away. 

Image from the Web
We both enjoy fireworks. Lake Havasu City is less than 300 miles, a one day drive, from Jojoba, and although it will be all dry camping, the cost of $150 for the week can't be beat.

Are you thinking about what you want to do next year yet? 
Have you made any reservations?  

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

A visit with Judy Bell

We are in a bit of a "holding pattern" while waiting for our Alfa to be repaired. We are lucky to be able to stay at our daughter's beautiful home in San Diego.

On Monday we took a ride up to Jojoba Hills, and while there stopped to say hello to our friend Judy Bell. Many of you will remember her blog "Travels with Emma." Judy became to be known as "the bird lady" because she volunteered at wildlife refuges and because she took wonderful bird pictures.

While we were there, Craig snapped a few pictures of some of the birds visiting the feeder she has out, using our new Sony RX10.

Love the new camera!

Judy had a few health problems this summer, but seems to be doing well. 

Emma is presently living with Judy's brother, who has a large fenced yard and several other dogs. 

We look forward to seeing more of Judy this winter.