Why - Why Not

As I was mussing about "Am I crazy" Ken commented that once he and Nanette had come up with all of there "Whys" going for it as they say, got easier.  So I'm creating this side page to list my Whys and my Why nots.


  • When we were dating, Craig and I always talked best when we were in a moving car.
  • We seemed to be very "together" and happy on our two short RV vacations.
  • When in an RV it is really your own small universe, you are in it together.
  • I had breast cancer at age 61.  It was small and with radiation and surgery I was assured it was completely removed.  But this experience made me really aware that life is short.  We don't have forever to do the things we dream of.  
  • NOW is the time to get the ball rolling, get the house fixed up and DO IT before it is to late!
  • Everyday counts!
BECAUSE WE CAN ( or we will be able to after the house is sold)
  • We have no dependents, human or animal
  • Craig can retire any time he wants
  • We have enough money - Retirement funds plus equity in the house
  • We have no debt other than the mortgage which will be gone when the house sells
  • We have good health
  • He says he wants to.  He has started talking about what "We" will do when on the road and were "We" will go.
  • I know I Want to.  

Ten years ago when Craig first suggested the idea of fulltiming, I was reluctant.  One of the things I did at that time was make a list of the pro's and con's.  I remember one of the pros I wrote was "Living in an RV for a couple of years will make a condo seem enormous."


We know we want to leave the Bay Area and Northern California, but we don't really have any other destination in mind for retirement.  There has got to be somewhere that the weather is decent and the cost of living isn't as high as it is here!  We have no family in this area.  Our daughter lives in San Diego, but it too is very expensive and Craig doesn't want to retire there.  Visits are easy.  (I would like to live closer to her, but it probably won't happen.)


One of the reasons I want us to be full-timing for a couple of years is because I want to spend longer periods of time exploring the wonderful places our country has to offer.

I spent some time today looking at the Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park areas on the internet.  There is so much to do and see, I would want to take at least a month or more to do it. 

I also looke at how far it is from our home in California, and the many great places there would be to stop and explore on the way.

Sure we could just drive there in a couple of days, blast thru the parks and see the highlights in a week or two, and drive back.  But what a waste!  How much better it would be to take an entire summer just exploring Wyoming and Idaho.

Craig says he would like to go to the Keys  in Florida for a month or more some winter. Considering how far it is from California, we would have to be full-timing to make it worthwhile.

We were just out for three weeks.  I would have loved to have headed North to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington instead of South back to the Bay area. 

Oh well, another time.  Another trip.


 I just wonder how responsible driving around a huge gas or diesel motor home is.  I really want to see the country, but perhaps taking a long road trip in our Prius with a tent, or just staying at home, would be kinder to the environment.


On Sunday evening we had our new friends Myra and Dan over for dinner.

They are musicians, and so we enjoyed an evening of sharing some of our favorite records and CDs.  I know you cannot show a picture of music, but this is Craig's audio system which although it looks a bit industrial, produces incredible sound.

I think I enjoyed watching their reactions to the music as much as anything.  It was like sharing a wonderful desert without the calories!  We were all a little "high" without any illegal substances by the end of the night, and are all looking forward to doing it again soon.

They live full time in a Motor Home, and currently have a collection of CDs in local storage.  They are going to bring some to share next time.

The reason I say this is a "WHY NOT" is because it will be hard to leave the quality of the sound system.  Yes we can take the music in other forms, but there is nothing really comparable to being surrounded by the SOUND.

So how was the evening also a "WHY?"  Because I really enjoyed getting to know this couple.   I'm not sure we will see them very often, but sharing time with them was good.  From what I read about the full time lifestyle, there are many opportunities to meet new people and enjoy a few hours "around the campfire."  It's something I'm really looking forward to.

Craig and I are really quite happy with just each other most of the time.  I think I am more social than he is, but he likes people too.

So I am torn, selling an audio system to die for at a cut rate price will be hard, but finding a new world of friends on the road will be very sweet.