Thursday, March 7, 2019

Great cheese and crackers!

[From Craig] Since Merikay isn't using the blog, I thought I would borrow it to tell as many people as possible about a great new snack combination that I just found.

Palmetto brand pimiento cheese spread would be even better, but it's not very available outside the Carolinas. We get Price's spread at our local Walmart in southern California.

I like most of Nabisco's many versions of Good Thins, but this one is my favorite. Most supermarket chains will have some versions. You shouldn't have to go far to find this one.

But it's the combination of these two that makes me send this. You will find that when you get these two together, you will alternate between cheese-dominated pieces and cracker-dominate ones.  When I find the perfect combination, it's like being transported to food heaven! 

Hope you like them too!

From Merikay:
I have just had a super case of blogger block.  I will get back to it soon!