Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bad Dream

Margie Anne, a delightful New Zealand Blogger, wrote about a reoccurring bad dream she had last night, and what it might mean. Her dream was about being in danger and asking for, and accepting help.  Something to ponder.

I had a bad dream just before waking this morning, and I can't forget it.  I don't think I have ever had a variation on it before. I do remember a lot of my dreams, but they are rarely scary.

In this dream, I was looking at used cars to buy as a towed.  I went for a test drive, by myself,  in an old, gray, dusty, junker.  I missed a turn and went into a ditch.  Suddenly the car started sinking.  At first I laughed at myself because I was not hurt, and I thought how embarrassed I was going to be calling a tow truck.

But the car kept sinking and I realized I could not get out and I was going to be buried alive in black muck.  The window was open but I didn't fit thru and couldn't open the door. I knew I was going to die and no one would be able to get there in time to help or save me.

Then I woke up. 

 I wonder what it meant.


  1. I could be reflective of the way you feel about your Home. You have said that you feel overwhelmed and hard to stay focused and that car would represent your home and its grip on your life.

    Just keep focused on one thing at a time and sooner than you can imagine you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    It's about time.


  2. I had a dream like that a couple years ago - it was super scary, and I am glad it is the only time I had it. I have no idea what, if anything, it meant.

  3. Could just be an undigested bit of beef or a fragment of underdone potato (a slight misquote of Dickens!) Hope it doesn't trouble you too much. But maybe you do need to take frequent breaks from working on the house and don't let it drag you down.

  4. interesting..I had a dream last night about washing a never ending pile of dirty dishes?..wonder what that means?

  5. It means that in some part of your life you feel hopelessly stuck.

  6. Hi Merikay. You have some interesting comments. *smile*

    I really try not to remember bad dreams nor do I usually interpret them because the symbolism can be quite weird or comfusing. But sometimes a dream does have an impact.

    Hope you have sweet dreams tonight.


  7. Some great interpretations.... Hope you have better dreams and sleep in the days to come!

  8. If I had that dream, I would just think it was telling me to lose weight so I could get through the window! :)

  9. In getting our farm ready to sell my dreams are always about me in danger or one of my adult girls. I just think it's the stress working itself out so I can work the next day. No biggie.

  10. Maybe your covers were wound around you and you couldn't move very easily. I hope that dreams don't have too much meaning cause I have a lot of very violent ones. Last night in one of my dreams I forgot about the animals in the car and when I got back to it they were all dead.

    I hate it when you wake up and can't shake the bad feeling. Your dream sounds like one of those...


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