Thursday, December 20, 2012

On the Road!

3:30 PM. Thursday 
Almost to L.A.
I drove the last 150 miles.

Thought about Margie and Rodger as we past Pismo Beach.  A beautiful place.

California is called the golden state because for most of the year the hills are covered with dry golden grasses.  But in winter, after some good rain, everything is brilliant green.  

That's all for now.


  1. The desert is also greener than usual. We have arrived safe and sound in Yuma. Tomorrow, on to San Diego.

  2. it always amuses me that only in La La Land do they call dead vegetation "golden".

  3. Maybe it's the golden state because of Oscar?

    Sounds like you guys are just rolling along, glad you got off okay. :)

  4. Safe travels! I'm glad ya'll are back out on the road again :-)

  5. glad you had a safe travel day!
    Whenever someone writes about Pismo Beach, Bruce and Margie come to mind immediately..

  6. Finally catching up on blogs after settling in to CA. Nice and green here, but the rain helps that. Glad you are having a nice trip. We'll have to get together while we are here workamping. Here until the end of April.

  7. Wow Merikay, I just caught up on what you guys are up to. So much work on the house still but you are really making some great progress. So much work! You'll be ready by the summer I'm sure.

    Love that you have reached your goals around weight. Your food choices sound delicious. I love vegies anyway especially if they are roasted. That roasted winter salad looks fabulous. I'm going to make one! I have to shop today so maybe I'll get some things to roast.

    It is raining like mad here in Petaluma and the forcast if for continued rain. I don't think I mind it that much.

    You are going to love Death Valley! And you are probably going to be blown away by Las Vegas. We always stay in the Circus Circus campground and find it to be wonderful for being close to the action but a great relief also when we are ready to take a break.

    So good to get caught up. I hope you two have a wonderful Christmas with your family and that your travels are safe and fun! Happy Trails!


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