Friday, February 22, 2013

Progress Report

I really don't have much of interest to post about, but someday when I'm sitting in the shade, in a National Park, I want to be able to remember what it took to get there!  We are working hard and progress is evident. 

Craig took down the shop lights in the room that was my studio and has put up more suitable overhead fixtures.  I will be finishing the painting in there and in our bedroom tomorrow. We don't sleep in the "master bedroom." I painted it last winter.

When Harry and Jessica were working on their house, Jessica mentioned rejuvenating the woodwork and doors.  I filed it under "things to consider" in the back of my mind.  Craig has been replacing some of the baseboards and doors with new.  As he does this, it really makes the older wood look tired by comparison.  But we really don't want to replace all of the 26 interior doors, just the white ones installed by the previous owner. We think he salvaged them from one of his rentals!  Some of the stained wood ones look OK, but some are pretty beat up.  One in particular was the door to my studio.  It has several scratches and a bits of paint and plaster splashed onto it.  I will be working on doors as time allows. Helping with other projects may be more important.

But this week I tried using WATCO Rejuvenating Oil on the wood banisters.  They've gotten no care, other than an occasional dusting, for the whole time we've lived here.  I'm a terrible housekeeper!  They were all quite scuffed and dirty. First I worked them over with some of those Magic Eraser sponges. That got the dirt off.   Then I applied the oil, let it set for ten minutes, and wiped it off.

After drying for three days I applied a layer of paste wax to one section, as recommended on the can. The results were wonderful.  They don't look new but the scuffs are blended in and they have a rich finish again.  On Monday I will wax the rest. This is so much easier than sanding them down, re-staining and coating with polyurethane. 

I've been depressed about the way the kitchen cabinets look.  A few months back Craig helped me scrub them all down, but the wood and the varnish are desperately in need of renewal.  I rejected the thought of refinishing them because the kitchen is so big. Don't get me wrong, it's a wonderful kitchen, and I have loved working in it for years. But the thought of removing and reworking 41 doors and 17 drawers was beyond me.  Polishing  with this Danish Oil is within what I'm willing to do and shouldn't take more than a week or two.

In addition to the lights, Craig made a new "dent" in his stuff.  We have a large computer desk in the studio room that had to be moved so I could paint the last wall.  He kept his computer reference books there. Today he cleared them off, packed them up, and I took them to the recycling place.  Goodwill won't take them. He also cleared out the file cabinet drawer, and reduced the contents down to about a quarter of an inch of papers.  

Although the desk and bookcase come apart, we will have a problem getting it out of the room.  It seems we brought it in by way of the patio door.  But in the intervening years we have had the door replaced and it is now too narrow.  Craig has looked at the problem and says we will just have to remove the door.  

I had planned on keeping it for staging the room, but when I saw how deep the dents in the old carpet are, I have changed my mind.  We will be getting new carpet in there very soon and I don't want the desk making deep grooves in it.  The desk will have to go. 

We have six weeks before we go on our spring trip.  I would like to see the lower bathroom done by then.  

One day at a time.  
One project at a time.  (Well maybe two or three.)


  1. Wow! You have done so much and I know you have so much more to do. I sure feel for you. Ours house is the reverse we did all our work when we moved in here. This place was a carpeting, black, pink, bright green rooms, get the idea. We have put so much money and hard work in here. I didn't think we would ever get it all done. We put in new kitchen counter tops and sink/faucet last year. Other than new carpet it doesn't need anything. Hope you can forget about it for a while when you go on your Spring trip

  2. Yes. Let the new owners refinish the kitchen cabinets. And all the rest too!

  3. We were where you are at in 2008 and early 2009. Hard work but worth it in the end.

  4. That banister looks wonderful. You guys are making great progress. Hope you have a fun spring trip planned.

  5. I'm impressed! Keep up the good work, Merikay and Craig!

  6. The stair banister looks wonderful. I can't wait to see the kitchen cabinets after you finish them. You really have an interesting house. It's probably typical of the area, but so different from Florida houses.

    You're making good progress and it's going to be done eventually. 6 more weeks!!

  7. Isn't it amazing what a difference that kind of stuff makes? It really did bring new life to old wood. And was actually one of the easier jobs. You are getting there!! :)

  8. Lots of work being done~! but it sure looks good and will really help when you go to sell.

  9. You really are accomplishing a lot! The house will look amazing when you are ready to show it.

  10. Gosh, you two get a lot done! I hope you are feeling satisfaction with your progress :-) This can be a difficult time of year to keep spirits up. Thankfully you have a trip planned :-)

  11. You are making wise decisions when you take breaks for trips. We did not do that and this time last year John had a "cold" and tried to work through it. You know the rest of that story. So stay rested, work a little, play and rest a little. Stay healthy and strong.

  12. You have a large house and your progress is impresive. The wood looks good and I should get some to do my talbes in the living room.
    I'm trying to get my shed in order and that seems to be taking me forever. I'm shamed.


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