Sunday, March 3, 2013

Flea market

Craig went with me to the Flea Market on Saturday after all.  Last year he didn't want to go, and I think it was because he wasn't ready to start getting rid of things. Now he is, and it was great to have him along, especially for much needed potty breaks, or just taking short walks around to see what other vendors were selling. 

After years of selling at art shows, I don't get flustered by sudden groups of potential customers, or feel any fear of those with sticky fingers. If someone were to walk off with something, it would just be one less thing to get rid of! I kept our cash safe in a tummy pack.

The day was long, starting with getting up at 4 AM, and waiting in a seller line for more than an hour to get to a space.  With art show set-ups I had a strict routine and knew where everything went.  For the flea market, setting up was a bit haphazard.  I had most things priced and marked, which made it easier to deal with the rush of "first" buyers that descended on us as we unpacked.  I think they were mostly other sellers. Funny, once we were set up there was a quite a lull when there were no customers at all for anyone!

The weather was reasonably warm most of the day, but by mid-afternoon rain clouds began to roll in.  When the other vendors started packing up early we did too.  We ended the day with a well earned dinner at our favorite restaurant, Aqui Cal-Mex

We sold a lot of small things and made a little bit of money. Knowing this was not the right venue, I didn't take any "collectables" along.  I think I'm ready to try the auction house that Kate showed me two years ago.  The stuff I have for there isn't extremely valuable, but might sell for a few dollars more than at the Flea Market.  I don't want to deal with eBay or Craigslist unless I'm desperate.

My biggest disappointment at the Flea Market was the very low interest and few sales of the man-made fur I had along.  I am less interested in the dollars I might get from a sale than from keeping it out of the dump. I doubt Goodwill would be a good place for it.  They would probably just put it into the fabric bales they export to South America for recycling.

On Sunday, as I emptied the van, I had the thought that perhaps the place that takes donations from businesses and allows teachers to take whatever they can use, might be a good place to take the fake fur.  Some teachers with puppet or costume-making projects might be able to use it. That would make me feel good. I'll have to call them soon. 

I'm not sure what we will be doing this week, but I'm sure we will be working on the house, and the taxes.


  1. You would rather do flea markets and we preferred to do Craig's List. Our C.L. was a big deal for us.

  2. Another step closer to getting the house sold. I know going there was a lot of work. We are having a small yard sale this Sat, hoping to get rid of some furniture and other small items. I hope it all goes as I don't want to load it up and go to Good Will.....again.

  3. Looks like you are at a bazaar in India or some place exotic. I'm not much of a shopper but love looking at the people... and watch them looking at the stuff for sale.

  4. I think the teaching idea is a great one for your fur. I bet an art teacher would love to get their hands on it.

  5. Maybe the fur could be useful at an animal shelter for bedding?

    It's too bad your house isn't in a good location for garage sales. It would sure be easier for you.

    When we started the sales before we had the house sold, we didn't want everyone traipsing onto our property, which was private and well hidden. We rented a storage unit in town and had the first garage sales there. We just put signs up all over town advertising the sales each week. It worked pretty well and word soon spread that we had lots of good stuff. We kept adding more stuff each week as we got to it or the shelves got bare.

    After we got a contract on the house and didn't really care if everyone knew about our little house in the woods, we started having the sales in our detached garage.

    Could a storage unit work for you?

    Good luck Merikay and Craig. It WILL all get done.

  6. Spreading your fur between school and shelter might be an idea, depending on how much you have. I know I'd love some big pieces of fur for the dogs beds - they'd love that - so fur sure homeless dogs would appreciate.

  7. Just keep on going, little steady steps will get you to your dream. It worked for us.

    It'll all be behind you before you know it. Promise! :c)

  8. I seem to recall that Irene (or someone else... might have the name wrong) gave cloth to The Happy Dragon, somewhere down in Los Gatos. I could well be wrong, but check with Irene. Maybe your fake fur could go to a good cause that way?

  9. I like your idea of donating the fake fur. I would think teachers could put it to good use. Good luck.


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