Sunday, July 28, 2013

Random Pictures from this week.

When Al puts together a post he usually have a series of wonderful pictures he took that day.  Butterflies, farm fields, Pheebs the dog. All "eye candy" for sure.

When Judy posts she almost always shares the pictures she has taken of the birds and beasts she sees on her daily trek around the wildlife preserve she is at. They are always delightful. As are the pictures included in so many of the blogs I enjoy.

I take pictures too, and here are a few from this week:

A repair guy inside our septic tank fixing the baffle and some deteriorated cement on the walls. He looked like an alien with his tight head covering and hazmat suit.

One side of the garage.  Clean with a freshly painted wall!

The other side.  It really is an improvement over a few weeks ago.

A part of letting go.  Custom license plate covers with my web site URL, in the trash.  

Mr. Moose is ready to go!  I bought him many years ago on a ski trip in Canada. I should have taken a before picture. He had long red skis,  ski poles, a ski cap, and a wintery red and white neck scarf.  Now he has sunglasses, a sun-visor, a backpack, trekking poles, and hiking boots. He will be our dash mascot.  

After our very busy days, I relax by doing original plastic canvas needlepoint.  Last month, when I was working on my grocery tote, I struggled with roses. I think I have them figured out. 

 I like to make functional things. This is the inside of one of four closet doors in the Alfa. When it is closed, there is about three inches of space between the door and the plastic drawers.  Hanging something with pockets on the inside of a closet door, is not an original idea, but this is my version.

Each panel is a small pocket.  I'm not sure what will fit in them, but I'm sure they will fill up.

There is enough room on the bottom of the door for another set.  I have decided to make two larger pockets there.

This week I took a large box of coral, we had in the attic for many years, to the auction house. I had tried to sell it on Craigslist with no success. Seeing it  brought back memories of the large marine fish tank we had at one time.  It inspired me to start exploring tropical fish designs, and making the next two pockets with a reef motif.

These are two 4" samples.  If I do two more I can make a small kleenex box cover with them.  Functional of course.    I think I'll make some seahorses and an octopus. This is my therapy.

My life may be busy, but I still find time for some color. 


  1. Love your pictures! It's not everyday you see a guy inside a septic tank!! I would say you have the roses down to a science. Beautiful work on the door pocket organizer.

  2. Photos are a good way of remembering things, without having to keep all of the "stuff". I took photos of many of the things that I gave away or donated. The pockets would be great for all of the recharging cords or a flashlight or so many other little things. Have you made some needlepoint coasters?

  3. Amen to the guy in the septic tank....that's a first for sure!

    Love the door hanger!

  4. Your garage is really looking good. I remember ours was our biggest challenge (thanks to Al). I don't think ours looked good until the day before we left! :)

    Love the Clown fish and the Tang...and the roses are also beautiful. You're so talented.

  5. Love that pocket organizer! The roses are really nice. Enjoyed your photos today.

  6. No matter how small the pocket you will find something I'm sure. It doesn't take long and all the storage is in use. Looks like you are making great headway. I'm sure you are glad you could "hire" the septic work done.

  7. Oh and your flowers are lovely. You have great talent.

  8. I love seeing your needlework! Very cool ideas for pretty storage.

  9. I hope Judy comes over to see your septic tank! That's the kind of stuff she LURVES!

  10. Great photos, and I love the dash mascot. He's going to have quite a ride! :)


  11. That septic tank photo takes the PRIZE for being unusual !!!!! Hope it is back in working order !!!! All the photos run like a daily log of your accomplishments and they are soooooo many .... When folks come along in the future who are baring down and selling their home to go full-time they need to refer to your blog and photos ..... That would be the training session !!!!!! All the best ...

  12. Oooops that was paring down .....

  13. Loved the picture of the guy in the septic tank.

    You have given me some ideas for inside our closet doors.

  14. No fair Merikay. I saw where you posted a new blog called "A funny thing happened on the way to listing"....but when I try to read it, it appears you have deleted the post! That's not you have my curiosity up!

  15. I'm with Karen!! Wondering what that last blog post was about??! Please catch us up!!


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