Saturday, February 22, 2014


The days are dragging by.  Craig has been glued to the computer most afternoons watching the Olympic games.  I'm not big on sports, even if they are world-class.  I did watch the first few days, but after several days I am quite bored with curling, skiing, and even the figure skating programs.

I had hoped to be on a trip this week, but because we were waiting for a package delivery we ended up putting it off for a week.  I'm pretty sure we will be heading down to Pismo Beach next week. It is about 200 miles from here.  We have passed by Pismo several times on our way to San Diego, but this will be our first stop there.

I always remember Margie and Roger.

I exchanged emails with a relative in Wisconsin,  and mentioned we might be off to Pismo Beach next week.  She wrote back "Right now any beach would be nice to be at. We would do more winter get-a-ways, but we don't have anyone to guard our house. I worry about break-ins."

I guess that is one reason I am looking forward to the full time life.  We will be taking our house and every tangible thing we own with us. No storage! Nothing to come back to, take care of, fix, or clean. That which didn't fit in the Alfa is gone.

I have felt a bit uneasy about not having a hoard of possessions to surround myself with a few times in the last month, but mostly I look around and think we still have too much stuff in the RV. There are a few additional things I will be getting rid of!

I wrote the following couple of paragraphs in bed this morning. I usually read  the news, blogs, and the funnies in bed while drinking my first cup of coffee each day. I do so on the iPad, and sometimes start a rough draft of a blog post.

"I know I should be out walking and enjoying my home territory, but I just have not been in the mood to do so.

Unfortunately, our main pastime for the last several months has been eating.  I am very distressed to report that I have regained much of the weight I worked so hard to lose.  I keep using the delay in the close of escrow as an excuse.  Food can be an addictive substance.

Some days I resent Craig because he can eat and drink all he wants and never get fat.  We have just such different metabolisms. I'm good at making excuses, and have to once again kick myself in the butt and get back to eating right.  Fat is so depressing." 

When I did get up, I saw it was quite sunny and well over 60F.  So instead of eating breakfast, I put on my walking shoes (and some clothes) and drove to one of my favorite walking spots. 

Across from our local school there is a public park that includes a lovely redwood grove, 
with a very peaceful amphitheater.  Teachers will sometimes bring their classes over for an outdoor lesson.  It is so beautiful there, what lucky kids!

In among the trees there is also a play area.

I don't think this merry-go-round will turn anymore, but I imagine the little ones still love climbing on it.

The path through the redwoods only goes a little way before reaching a fenced-off gully.

I turned back and went across the highway to the Summit Tree Farm.

It is fenced and has a sturdy locked gate, but it is well known to the locals that anyone is welcome to walk there and off leash dogs are more than welcome if their people remember to pick up after them.  

There is a unfenced pass thru next to the gate.  I haven't walked there for a long time.  Years ago, when I had my dogs, I bought them to the tree farm several times a week for a good run.  Since it is fenced all around they were safe from running onto the adjacent highway, and were able to explore while I walked the dirt road thru the trees.  For every mile I walked, I think they ran two or three! I have had two yellow labs and a sweet black shepherd.   As much as I loved them, I have decided not to have dogs in the RV.

As I hiked along I passed and greeted several other walkers and a few joggers, I couldn't help remembering my doggie friends. 

At one point on the very dry trail I came to a  muddy puddle. I'm not sure where this water comes from, but I had encountered similar puddles in this same area in the past.

I remember one time when Picabo, one of my yellow labs, trotted up to a  muddy spot in the trail, laid down and did a doggie roll! 

What a mess she was.  Of course we were almost to the end of our walk that day and because of her soggy state we had to do another circuit so she would be dry enough to get into the van.  (I put her on a leash before we got to that place again.)

As I walked this morning, lost in my memories, this fellow seemed to just appear out of the shadows.

Wagging his tail he greeted me like an old friend.  For a moment I felt like I was seeing a ghost dog, but then his person came down the path as well.

Walking along the road, on my way back to where I had parked, I noticed a few other interesting things.

A road gator.

A totem pole dedicated to the many games played on this old field.  

And a flock of matching bikers.

I'm really going to try to get out and walk more.  It's good for me!


  1. I know what you mean about the weight challenge. Last fall and winter I was doing so great and then in April when we were having our marathon trip over to South Dakota I got out of all of the good habits I had been working on. I did manage to keep most of the weight off - when I weighed myself this December I had gained about eight pounds back. Now I am back working at it again and am heading in the right direction, although I have five pounds to go to get back to my low from last year. And then some more new pounds to lose after that! You can make today a new beginning. :) Counting calories and exercising has really worked for me.

  2. So glad you got out and had a good walk. We have really enjoyed getting back into our little local walks. Not only good for the body but good for the mind as well. I hope you were able to give that doggie some love and get a fur fix. Enjoyed your story about your dog. I bet you still miss all of them.

  3. Have you read "Eat Move Sleep" by Tom Rath? It's a no-nonsense approach to living healthy. And, most importantly, it's research-based. Very motivating!

    A friend gave it to me recently and I'm recommending it enthusiastically. Might do a blog post about it one day.

  4. Your story reminded me of all the wonderful labs I've had in my life. I miss them all.

  5. Well that makes 2 of us in the world. I'm not big on sports either. In fact I'm not anything on sports, Olympic, professional, or whatever. And yes, fat is depressing. I know that fact only too well.......

  6. Yay--Pismo Beach! I'll send you an email with my phone number. My WeatherBug app says that it's supposed to rain on Wednesday and Saturday, but it has been sunny and warm the last couple of days.

  7. Oh, Merikay I know that feeling of not getting out to exercise. I have been making excuses and gained weight. A few weeks ago I started to log food and exercise on a phone app "Lose It" - this has helped me to see what choices I need to make, the app tells me percentage of fat and carbs eaten so I can make adjustments, it also shows how many calories I can eat - with and without exercise.

  8. Oh, how I can identify with you. I have packed on the pounds and I feel like a blimp. When I can get out and walk, it feels so good. Like NIKE says, we need to just do it! Good luck to you.

  9. Merikay, I'm using My Fitness Pal online to track my calories & food--it's very helpful & there's a supportive community there. Loved your photos, especially the one of the 'Ghost Dog'. I believe walking does more for our minds than our bodies--enjoy your time outdoors and have a wonderful day.

  10. I always think of Margie and Bruce when I hear Pismo Beach.

    I'm sorry your weight has crept back up. In your pictures you still look as trim as you were.

    I'm having the same problem and I finally decided it was that darn biscoti we've been having for breakfast.

  11. I so enjoyed virtually walking with you. Thank you.
    Weight? I turned 50 and stopped dieting. Gained 50 pounds that I've gotten used to and am not motivated enough anymore to deprive myself of what I like. Hubby still loves me.


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