Monday, April 21, 2014


It has been a week since I last posted.

For me writing a blog is something I only do when I feel like it. I don't post every day, but I do think about it often. There are many posts that only get written in my head. This is probably a good thing. But then when I feel compelled to catch up, I end up with a very long post.  

On Saturday morning we drove 75 miles down to our daughter's home in San Diego. This spring weekend visit was an unexpected treat for us, since we expected to be heading east by now. I don't post much about my two wonderful grandsons, but of course they are the nicest, smartest, best looking boys, and an extra day or two with them is always good.

On Sunday we were invited to join a large extended family feast. Good food, good people, much love. As I chatted with several people I had not met before I found myself answering several questions I had heard before. 
"Where were we going first?"
"Do we have a bucket list?"
"How long do we plan to do this?" 
"Where do we want to settle down?"
"Do I miss my house?"
"What will I miss most?" 
And finally "What if one of us gets sick?'

I have answered all of these before, but it was always in a theoretical "someday" mode. Now it is for real! We are full timers, and I now have ever-changing answers to these questions:
  •  We do not have specific plans beyond our next stop at the Alfateers for our upgrades.
  • Our bucket list changes every day.
  • We will do this as long as it is right for both of us.
  • Settling down is not on top of our list, but of course we have a vague exit plan.
  • Yes, some days I miss my house a little, but not enough to be sad or regret our choices.
  • I miss my large ovens the most. RV ovens suck!
  • And finally, if one of us gets sick, we will deal with it. Bad things happen to people, in houses and on the road.
  • We will live each day as it comes, wherever it is.
My plan for today is to go off to the pool for a water aerobic class in a few minutes, and then come back to the rig to make a picnic lunch to take to a nearby park which we want to explore.  



  1. It's definitely sweet and you have exactly the right attitude. Can't wait to hear about your adventures.

  2. The only thing I miss about the house is my hot tub but I find them and enjoy them once in awhile. Yes Rv oven are small, with our Nescos we get by pretty well just takes for ever to make cookies or layered cakes. Don't know how far east you're heading but if in VT be sure to look us up.

  3. Honest answers to good questions.... when we're asked those questions we always emphasize that everyone's needs, wants, and desires are different...

  4. Hey, we are also here at Jojohoba Hills. Have been crazy busy running around. Did not see that there is a water aerobics class. Of course, I don't have a suit

  5. And my guess is your answers will continue to evolve as time goes by. :)

  6. People are curious, that's for sure. Hopefully knowing that you are doing it will help to make it real for them. Good answers!

  7. The one thing I miss is a dishwasher. I know we could buy a counter top unit, but I don't want to give up the counter space. Besides, Kevin does the dishes most of the time :)

    I often find myself composing blogs in my head too. How funny. Sometimes they get written, sometimes they don't.

  8. Follow your noses! The noses knows.

  9. I think every RVer gets those same questions. Our answers are very similar. I don't care if I blog everyday, but when we're working, there's not a lot of blog fodder happening. I'm glad we're actually doing some fun things now!

  10. I miss my big stove/oven too and my ice maker even more! sure is grand! Enjoyed your list :)

  11. Great answers, your bucket list will change, it will get a lot longer as you travel around.

  12. It might be good that you haven't headed east just yet. This seems to be the time when all the tornado outbreaks are happening. Thats one reason we are staying in the Keys.

    Have you considered a Nu-wave oven? It takes up some room. Ours stays on the table, but it earns its spot. It does great on meats and veggies. I think I like steaks cooked there better than the grill.

    We still haven't figured out a great way to cook home made pizza, but we've made a few that are decent.


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