Saturday, March 21, 2015

Big Change

My ankle is getting better every day. We did get to go to a Junior High Jazz Fest in which our grandson's band played, but other than that I spent most of this week resting.  I plan to try biking a short distance around the park on Monday. I bought an ankle brace to help prevent further damage.

From Craig:
We are now in the Summit campground of Sweetwater Regional Park, southeast of San Diego.  It is hilly and scrub-covered, and ever so peaceful and quiet, except for an occasional plane landing or taking off from the San Diego airport.  It is very different from our previous site at Santa Fe campground next to I-5 between Mission Bay and La Jolla, which was sandwiched between one of the busiest interstate freeways in the West and a frequently-used train track. 

The builders of the Summit park have done a fine job of preserving the near-desert scrub that (presumably) covered the area before its development.  

Now it looks like someone blazed trails through the scrub, paved a concrete slab in the middle, and deposited a fiberglass box on each slab.

Merikay chose an end site when she made the reservation, and so we have a pretty nice view from our patio.

It also seems to be a Cottontail Heaven.

I went out for a short walk and had 3 or 4 cross the roads in front of me.  At 2 people per RV and 2 rabbits per scrub patch between, it's hard to say which are the more numerous inhabitants. 

The scrub probably favors the rabbits over predators like coyotes.  Like Brer Rabbit and the briar patch...

What was the biggest difference that you've had, between one location and the next?  Feel free to include your home or other non-RV location, as either end of the difference...


  1. we stayed at Sante Fe for three days and the only entertainment I got there was watching rush hour on the interstate while sipping a cold one... looks like a good change...

  2. I like that they saved so much of the native foliage and didn't make it a water guzzling lawn. All those bunnies would have my arms yanked out by excited dogs!

  3. Hope her ankle gets better soon..... One of our biggest contrats was driving along the palm fringed roads of Palm Springs, and then riding back to sleep at The Slabs! LOL

    We are about 50 miles from home now as I type this.... snow is at our butts as we head north and covering the ground about 50 miles south of us! ack!!!!
    KarenInTheWoods and Steveio
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  4. Hate to suggest you're going the wrong way, but if snow is at your back, you're going the wrong way.

  5. That looks like a wonderful place to stay. I love the view and the rabbits. We head out next month to Bennett Springs State Park for a weekend. We have never taken a long trip but I told my husband, maybe in a year or two we can be snowbirds for a couple weeks. I don't retire for 8 years. Anyway, here is the link to where we will be..


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