Monday, April 6, 2015

Tire Monitoring Systems

We'd like to get a Tire Monitoring System soon.  We probably want pressure and temperature sensing for 10 tires (coach and toad).  There are enough brands that we got a headache trying to pick one.

1. Replaceable sensor batteries: do you think that by the time the battery has run down, it's probably time to have new sensors as well?  The environment of a wheel rotating on roads is probably hard on sensors.  Or are replaceable batteries a good economy?

2. Those of you who have TPM systems, what brand do you have and what do you like and/or dislike about your system?

3. Anybody, what have you heard from others about what brand they have and what they like and/or dislike about their system?

Please reply by commenting or by email at craigm014 AT  If we get enough responses, we'll post a summary here.

Craig & Merikay MacKenna


  1. We need a monitoring setup as well on our Cardinal 5th. Today while heading home from the beach we had a blow out and it ripped the fender skirt off. The tires are 2 years old and not many miles on them since we are not retired yet. I'm enjoying your blog !

  2. Hi, Merikay! We finally had our first flat tire a few days ago on our toad. The TPM caught it in plenty of time to exit the Interstate and get on the service road. I have tried three kinds: Pressure Pro, Tire Tracker and TST (Truck System Technologies). TST is by far superior, IMHO. I never could get the Pressure Pro to operate reliably, and the Tire Tracker was a piece of junk. If you get the TST, be sure and get the repeater; it works great.

  3. We have the TST system. (Truck system technology) The batteries can be user changed and that's much better than the ones where you have so send them to the company to replace. We've had both. We chose the ones for the my that you can add air without having to take the monitor off. For the truck we have to take monitor off(our choice) because they don't stick out as far and are less noticeable. They are easy to set up, show both pressure and temperature. We got the thingy that gives you more range. It attached to the battery I think. Can't remember what they called it. previous comment. Its the repeater.

  4. Correction for auto correct. We chose the ones for the MH-

  5. We also have TST. Started with Pressure Pro and it didn't work that well for us. Batteries kept failing and we would have to send the sensor back in for the battery to be replaced. Pain in the neck!! After about a year of that, we decided to bite the bullet and buy another system. We have had TST now for almost two years and love it.

  6. I'm torn about a tire pressure system. They seem like a good idea, but I've seen and read about many folks having problems with them, including making the tire lose air and cause a flat. I'll be following along to see what other folks tell you.

  7. We've only had the TST system, one with nonreplaceable batteries, the current one with batteries I can replace. But we wouldn't be without one for peace of mind.

  8. Ten days??? Sure hope you are OK.


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