Friday, July 24, 2015

Mud Volcano and Yellowstone Lake

Mud-pot at Sulfur Spring
I don't know what it is about looking into stinky puddles of bubbling mud that fascinates us so much.

Maybe because it gives us a tiny glimpse into what lies below the surface of our earth.

Something is cooking down there! 
Maybe it is because these places are relatively rare, and although scientists know much about them, they still cannot map what lies below.

Mud Volcano
The Mud Volcano area was pretty active with mud pots, fumaroles, hot springs and inactive geysers. Like all of the Yellowstone hydrothermal areas, there were sturdy boardwalks to keep people from damaging the delicate landscape.

This area was interesting because living grasses and plants were growing in and among the bubbling water. We have learned that the bubbles are not always due to heat which would kill the plants, sometimes it is just gas which they can tolerate.

Dragon's Mouth
Another interesting feature at the Mud Volcano area was called the Dragon's Mouth. The hot spring came up well under this cavelike rock overhang, and the sounds of the water splashing against the rocks and the gas eruptions sounded like a dragon breathing and grumbling about being trapped below.

As we drove the Loop Road we saw many beautiful vistas of the Yellowstone River. 

Merikay at Yellowstone River

Yellowstone River reflections

We usually try to stop and read any informational signs. I was amazed to learn the ten mile long, dome shaped, hill in the distance is caused by bulging magma coming up from below.  How scary-sounding is that!

When we got to the lake we stopped at Lake Village and walked through the lodge.

Lake Lodge

It was big and rustic, but not very busy. We decided this must be the less crowded part of the park. There is a large hotel and cabins  close by, so this must be one of the places non-RVers might stay. I think they were all out on the roads looking at buffalo and geysers when we were at the Lodge!

Yellowstone Lake looks much like many other larger lakes. None of our pictures were particularly remarkable.

This was the best view we had in the lake area: 

Our Jeep was the only vehicle in this lakeside parking lot! 

Peace does exist in Yellowstone. It was a long day, but a very pleasant one. I'm so glad we have allotted enough time to see the park at our leisure.


  1. Love these photos! Especially the one showing the boardwalk! I'm really enjoying your view of our favorite area! So glad you found an area of less congestion too.

  2. I love that you are living every moment of your dream to the fullest! It must raise your spirits to see such magnificant sights!


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