Thursday, April 19, 2018

A short parrot story:

We are staying in  San Diego at our daughter's home for a few days. Yesterday afternoon Craig heard quite a ruckus out back, and upon checking it out, discovered several squawking green parrots.

The following was reported by this fine fellow.

Two parrots landed on the same wire. 

The first parrot asks:  "Have you heard this one?" and then tells a silly parrot joke.

"Ha, Ha, Ha!" 

Then the second parrot says: "I've got a good one too!"

"Tell me, tell me!" begs the first. 

Then they all flew away ...

The End.


  1. hahaha...thanks for the chuckle today... :-)

  2. Makes you wonder where they came from but still cute to see.
    Be safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. "where they came from" has several possible answers. No one knows.

  4. Great parrot photos and I have a feeling they probably cracked a few Craig jokes as well:))


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