Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Last Stop on Canadian side of Lake Superior

We have enjoyed the beautiful scenery on the North Shore of Lake Superior as well as the pleasantly cool temperatures.

We stayed at the Wild Rose RV park by Batchawana Bay for three nights. It is not the prettiest RV park, but with full hook ups and a low cost it served us well. Never mind the fact that the water pressure was so low it seemed to just dribble out of the faucet!

One of our Ontario friends reccomended we have dinner at the Salzburger Hof restaurant on the Bay. We don't eat out very often, but do enjoy something special from time to time. The Hof specializes in German home cooking, particularly Schnitzel. It was very nice.

After dinner we took a walk around the grounds to look at the lake.

It was a beautiful evening.

This summer, the later sunsets seem to surprise us.

The light doesn't even start to fade until quite late.

A postcard-perfect place to have an evening campfire.

I was so full after the big German dinner that I wanted to just sit and enjoy the view. I think the temperatures were in the 70s, and there was no wind or mosquitos.

As we went back to our car we passed a line of short, but very wide fir trees. This place is sure to fatten up everything!

The next day we sought out a few sights listed on the map of the Wild Rose RV park as local highlights.

All of the shoreline beaches we had seen up to now had been quite rocky, or at least covered in very course sand. Pancake Beach was long and sandy. Earlier in our travels we had been told that Lake Superior was about two feet higher now than last year. 

Next we went to find Batchawana Falls.

Most of our view was through the trees.  It was a good falls.

The river gorge was beautiful as well.

The information we had indicated that the falls were 7 Km up a rough road. 

It was written that we could expect a bumpy ride.

At first it was not bad, and the forest on either side was pretty.

We went through several muddy water holes that were almost dried up and we could easily keep one wheel on dry gravel.

Then the rocks and pot holes got bigger and bigger. We said to each other: "This is why we have the Jeep!" And I was very glad it has good strong grab bars to hold onto.

That day we also went to Chippawa Falls, but didn't climb the path up to them because I was wearing rubber beach shoes. Ever since my fall in Alaska, and the resulting shoulder injury, I have been far more cautious. Must be part of getting old! 

We went back on Wednesday, but I was still not comfortable with the rock climbing. Craig took this picture of the lower falls after climbing rocks that I could not.

I saw something Tuesday, August 13, that I have been keeping my eye out for: the first signs of fall color. We will be in the Michigan Upper Peninsula, aka the UP, until late September, and then possibly take a swing into Wisconsin's Door County known for its beautiful fall color. I hope we are not too early, but I guess if we are, we can just camp there a little longer. 

Although we have to get our Alfa's annual service done in either Salt Lake City or Phoenix, and Craig has some major dental work to look forward to in Los Algodones, Mexico, we are in no rush to get back to California. Getting there by Thanksgiving time would be nice!

Gotta love this life!

Bilbo Baggins: "Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost"


  1. Glad you got to explore around Lake Superior such beautiful country side to explore. Now a tasty schnitzel meal in a Geman restaurant sure would be a nice treat. More fun adventure are coming up I am sure.

  2. Looks like a great area and I like those temps:))


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