Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Elk in Orick

As we were driving north on US 101 through Orick to go to Fern Canyon, we passed a lot of cars and people on the side of the road. Sure enough there were Elk in a yard and an adjacent field. And of course we stopped too!

I guess if you live in this little yellow house you are used to the herd. I don't see any flowers planted anywhere.

The herd was a mix of cows and bulls. Some were lying down in the field next to the house.

Some were peacefully grazing.









Until this big bull came from behind the house. Then the cows started moving around more and the smaller bulls went across the road to the field.

He did some serious sniffing.

And some canoodling. 

But from the look in her eye I would guess she was thinking: "Not today mister."

He followed her around for a while like a randy stud at a sleazy bar, trying to convince her to give him a tumble. He was ready.

A little later, when the cow in question went over a small fence to get away, this slightly smaller bull also made a bugle "pass" at her. Or, perhaps, he was mocking the big bull's lack of a "score." 

I always enjoy seeing the wild creatures living their lives while ignoring the people watching them. So, if you are driving in Elk country and see lots of cars on the side of the road, there are probably Elk to be seen. But don't get too close, they are dangerous at this time.


  1. You are right that you have to be careful at this time of year or you could be gored.
    Be Safe and Enjoy nature at its best.

    It's about time.

  2. Oh, cute blog! Really enjoyed it and great photos!

  3. Great post. Wondering if you are still on the road. Missing your posts.


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