Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thank You for your comments

I just want to thank those of you who sent me comments on yesterday's blog.  Without wanting to seem mushy,  I really do consider you as winners.  People who are either reaching for their dream, or are there. I value your support more than you can imagine.

So, on with the steps toward a new lifestyle.  Yesterday in addition to taking care of some "tax" business, I took care of some business I had been putting off for a year, and I did some research and dug thru old paper work that resulted in my solving a financial mystery that has been pushed aside for a long time!  This is  important because I did it instead of putting it off!

However in the course of looking for the above mentioned paperwork, I had to look in the dreaded attic.  What's in all those boxes?  There are some boxes that have been moved at least twice without unpacking.  I recognize the moving companies marking.  Fortunately many of the boxes stored there are empty.  Craig has a thing for saving the original box from things like electronics and small appliances.  Which is good. These will be easy to deal with, it is the full boxes that are a new challenge.

On another front, since I want Craig to come to this in his own time and his own way, I try not to overload our conversations with tales from RV blogs.  Actually, I'd love to share every story with him, but don't. I find that by chuckling softly to myself from time to time  I subtly cause him to ask me what I'm smiling about. Then I can share a story.

Last night he asked when the RV show I had mentioned a few weeks ago was going to be.  He said he didn't want to miss it.  Not a chance!  I actually want to go at least twice.  Once with him and once on my own.  The show is May 14-23rd.

Today I cleared the Flea market table again.  Putting things into boxes for the future.  In the process I was able to send some things directly to trash.

Is it normal to feel a little thrill when you put something in the trash?

567  days, or 1 year, 6 months, 19 days to go.  

Exercise Goal:        
1000 miles on the treadmill       3 miles  today   938 to go
        Someday I will be hiking in National Parks!


  1. Thanks for the walk invite. You can be sure that if I wander to your neck of the woods, I'll take you up on it.

    Not sure Emma is a "Good" dog, more like a wild child. :)

  2. It Was the original. Boy do they look young!

  3. Yes, it's a great feeling to throw something away, or to give it to someone that needs it. What a great feeling to give to a group of people helping the needy. I tend to stay away from the places that resell stuff, it's best to give to a needy group, like battered women's groups. Gives you a wonderful- glowing feeling.

  4. I'm with you. I am amazed at how much internal change this process is taking me on. I mentioned to my mother that I was finding it all a little overwhelming. She looked at me like I was insane and said "but you will be changing your whole life, of COURSE you're overwhelmed". Leave it to her to give me the nutshell :0)


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