Friday, April 9, 2010

Why I walk

Hello to my new follower Katie,  We all have a long way to go and sometimes it helps to know others are doing the same and even better, many have arrived at their new life and are enjoying the success.

As I was walking on the treadmill today I was thinking that the exercise was not only strengthening my legs and heart, but was also a way that I could Physically Do Something  toward achieving my goal.  All of the sorting and purging in the world won't be of any value if I am not physically able to go on the road! Sure I could loose a few pounds, but being in better condition is even more important!

572  days, or 1 year, 6 months, 24 days to go.  

Exercise Goal:        
1000 miles on the treadmill  
   3.5 miles yesterday, 1.5 today (plus the pool) only  947 miles to walk.
                   Someday I will be hiking in National Parks!

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