Thursday, July 22, 2010

Word Verification on Comments

I really dislike the fact that most bloggers use the Word Verification feature for their comments.

  I understand why they do, because for the first time  I had a spam comment on my blog.
My first reaction was to turn the word verification feature back on, but then decided that since it is so easy to delete a comment I would do that, and wait to see if it became a bigger problem.

Did many of you get a lot of unwanted comments? Or did you just leave the word verification feature on because everyone else has it?

On the "being overwhelmed" subject I have started doing something Katie mentioned in a recent blog.  Started to make lists.  A few weeks ago Craig brought home a rather nice 2010+ daily planer book that one of the vendors at work had given him.  Of course it had sat around on his desk for a few months, but if he had given it to me in January I'm not sure I would have used it.

What I have decided is to use it to jot down some estimated deadlines for getting certain things done.  Long range, and short range deadlines.  On a daily basis I will jot down what I expect to get done the next day, or into the next week.  I will do this in PENCIL, and in the evening I will erase what I finished and move forward what I didn't.

 If dreams are written in smoke, deadlines are definitely written in pencil.

I think this will help me because I won't lie in bed for hours thinking about when will I get this or that accomplished. The lists are for no one but me.

On the painting front, I finished work on what I could reach on the porch outside the kitchen.  This also includes a door (on the left) from the master bedroom to the outside.

I painted below the window, but not the window frame or above it because the stairs do not allow me to use my ladder.  I'm thinking of renting some scaffolding when I get to areas I can't reach without.

This looks like a small area, but there were many small holes to repair and everything got two coats, so it took five days to do!

Tomorrow is a no paint day.  I want to do some housework because we are having friends over for dinner on Sunday.

Daily countdown:
467 days, or 1 year, 3 months, 9 days to go.

Exercise Goal:
 miles on the treadmill,  I WILL WALK TOMORROW!
Total walked = 177 miles
Someday I will be hiking 1000 miles in National Parks!


  1. Gin accuses me of being too much of a planner so I wouldn't dare write down deadlines...even in pencil. I have goals instead. ;)


  2. You are getting a lot of done in a short period of time! I think your idea for making lists is a good one - I do the same thing. I have a HUGE list and as we finish each thing I label it with the date of completion.

    As far as the word verification, I have never had a problem with spam on my blog, but I've had tons of it from other places, and I just didn't want the bother of dealing with spam in my comments.

  3. Hi. In almost 300 posts I can only remember a couple of spams. They were fairly clever and almost slipped through. It;s easy to manage comments when ther are only a few but I guess when there are 20 or 30 or more comm3nts it can be a little tedious weeding out the rubbish.

    You are doing an excellent job on the house. I'm impressed with what you have completed already.


  4. A few years ago we bought a scaffold from Lowe's. It was only about $90 and we have used it so often. It is handy just for regular room painting. It has 4 levels, from 1 to 4 feet high. We love it and it has been well worth the money. I hate Al climbing up on a ladder if he doesn't have to, so I always insist he use this if he can.

    The list is a good idea. I have recently come to that same conclusion and am trying to do a "To Do" list.

    I have never had any issues with spams. I think I turned off the word verification, but I do have to approve any posts, so I think that covers that issue. I hate those word verifications as well!

  5. You know, I'm not even sure if I have word verification on my comment thingy. You'll have to let me know. :) I just assumed I did. I did get a spam yesterday, though, and just hit the reject comment button.

  6. I wasn't sure whether or not we had that word verification turned on so I asked Mike and he said he thought we did. We always approve our comments so we could take off the word verification. We'll check on that.
    I like the list idea. Looks like the painting is coming right along and it is looking great.

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  7. I've been thinking about turning off word verification on my blog just because of the fact that I sometimes have to enter these dumb words in 2 or 3 times!! So, I'm turning off word verification as of now and I'll just watch and see what happens re spam. I've never used the comment moderation feature and have only had to remove 2 or 3 comments in total.

  8. YEAH!!!! Way to go Merikay! I hate that word verification thing...especially when we're out in the boonies, and I'm typing my comments on my smart phone. It takes forever sometimes. Thank you for bringing it up!


  9. I love lists. May I suggest that instead of erasing what you accomplish each day, you leave it visible and just cross it out?

    Even if this means you have to copy over your remaining to do items, it can help when you feel overwhelmed, to be able to see what you HAVE gotten done.

    You go, girl!


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