Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Like a puzzle

Some days this house feels like a giant "moving squares puzzle!"  I take stuff out of one room or closet, or drawer, get rid of some of it, but move some of it to another room!

A while back I emptied the attic of everything except empty boxes, send a lot to the trash or the flea market piles in the garage, but some is in boxes in a hallway upstairs.  Not gone.  But not back in the attic.

When I painted the living room a couple of things got shuffled to the dining room, then when I painted the dining room, they got moved to a bedroom.  Now I'm eyeing that bedroom as my next project and I am moving them up into the hall.  

Yes, I know I have to move them OUT, but they are some things I could list on the Audio version of Ebay.
One of these days ...

I do have two things on Craig's list this week ...

Someday that puzzle will be solved.

Everything WILL fall into place.


Exercise Goal:
 miles on the treadmill, 

miles Monday

Total walked = 318.5 miles  

Someday I will be hiking 1000 miles in National Parks!


  1. I haven't heard of audio ebay. What's that? Has the moose found a home yet?

    Keep going. All these baby steps will add up to a giant leap!

  2. I have the same problem with boxes and stuff, and with papers, also. When I had my business, my secretary and I used to joke that the papers multiplied overnight.

  3. You have so many more things to sell, give-away, dispose of, or keep as that small treasure, than we did. But you have a goal that you are striving for, and each step takes you closer to that first hike in a National Park as a full timer.

    I wouldn't trade even one of our hikes in the National Parks we have visited for that big house on the hill everyone thinks of as a mark of success. I just wish I.M. would consider getting something more dependable than his completely unreliable Ol' 5th Wheel, then we could spend more time on the road rather than beside it.

    I want to thank you for the occasional comments you make on his blog. He works so hard at it, yet so few people read it that any reader interaction he gets means a great deal to him.


  4. Great post -- brought back memories:) It can be overwhelming, but just keep on keeping on -- it's well worth it!

  5. We have been sorting things out in George's single wide trailer that's next door to this house. One bedroom has RV worthy stuff, one room is for yard sale things, and one bedroom is storage for things we are using now. As we realize that things aren't being used as much as we thought, they move into the yard sale room :)

  6. good luck with boxes..it is the same here..move them from one room to another..eventually we will have to deal with them!!

  7. Very creative post, congrats!

  8. That's quite a shuffle you've got going on there. :)

  9. So Merikay, tell us what some of those things are that you're shuffling around. You could have a giveaway like Paul and Sam to help you have some fun with letting go (smiles). I'm off to Sebastopol next week for a few days! levonnegaddy@hotmail.com

  10. Keep it up Merikay, you're making progress. You're ahead of us as we haven't even started cleaning out the house. We are still tethered to it and trying to decide what the future hold.

  11. Keep plugging along, you are making progress. I always need a "to do" list to keep me focused just on chores etc.

    I always loved playing with those puzzles!

  12. Oh my...I so feel for you. I know exactly what your saying about moving things from room to room and sometimes it just seems like you really haven't accomplished much. One step and a time. It will all come together.


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