Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Friday Purchase

I can't help but thinking that this is one of the "time wasting" blogs Sue was referring to in her bog post today. 

On Wednesday Morning, for no apparent reason (no rain storm or high wind) we lost all power here at the house.  That in itself is not all that unusual.  But it also seemed we had a power "surge" as well.  Our electronics are pretty well protected by individual power strips that include surge protectors, but not all of the appliances.

We think it was this that took out our somewhat old washing machine.  

The repairman came today, and determined that the board on the control panel was fried, and possibly a secondary one as well.  The cost of replacing them was way more than a replacement machine, so I didn't get it fixed.

Craig shooed me out the door this afternoon to go by another washer.  I was determined to just get a very basic one, without all the belles and whistles.  It only needs to last for a year or so! I don't do delicate or heavy loads. 

I was delighted to find the shopping center was not still crowded.  I did have to look for a parking place, but not for long.  I checked out Sears and although they had one that was on "Black Friday" sale, I didn't like the $80 delivery and disposal fee.

Lowe's also had a sale, as did Home Depot.  Neither of them have delivery charges.  I ended up buying at Home Depot. 

 Best price.  A simple machine with a one year warranty. 

 It won't be delivered until December 6th., so I will have to go to a Laundromat at least once, possibly twice. I really don't mind.

So I've done my bit for the economy and to boost the sales numbers for this weekend.  

 I just hope the dryer will hold up for another year.  It's just as old as the washer was!


  1. It always kind of sucks to have these sorts of unexpected expenses, even if it's not a question of the money. If the old machine had only hung on for just a few more months!
    At least you found an acceptable deal.

  2. this is exactly why you want a surge protector for your rig...

  3. Think I will buy a surge protector right away..

  4. Sorry you had to buy a new washer. Sure hope everything holds up here since we purchased all new kitchen appliances when we were making upgrades on the house. We don't want any surprises. At least you do have insurance.

  5. Not a time waster blog at all. But I'm glad you found a replacement washer so quickly! I'm wasting my time today & need to get busy with something....soon...maybe...

  6. It never fails that something breaks and you have to replace it when you are fixing to sell. That happened to us as well except ours was not the washer. Oh well...small price to pay. Hang in there and hopefully the dryer will also. :-)

  7. For some reason, our house buyers wanted to keep our old washer and dryer. The washer is 25 years old and the dryer is 20 years old. We had just planned to donate them.

  8. Not the funnest thing to buy but at least you found a good deal.

  9. I can remember when our first washer broke down..I was doing laundry in the bath tub!..not our finest moment!!!..and then we finally got a new one after being 'duped' by Home Depot!!

  10. and by the posts are ever 'time wasted' is all about matter what it's about!!

  11. WHAT?!? You bought from HOME DEPOT?!?

    Did you forget where I work???



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