Friday, November 11, 2011

I was not exaggerating!

My life has been zooming by at high speed lately.  So fast that I actually lost track of the days this week!

This will often happen to me when Monday is a holiday.  Well, this week, we drove home from the Pinnacles and Monday was an unpacking and getting resettled day, so it felt like a weekend day.  When I was making a date to meet fellow bloggers Russ and Donna I thought it was Tuesday when it was actually Wednesday!

Have you ever done that?  I'm not loosing my mind, but sometimes I check the day and date on the top of the computer screen or newspaper because I'm not sure what day it really is!

I had a short but delightful visit with Russ and Donna.  I wish I had more time, but because we went camping last weekend, I had to keep working so the elephant and warthog will be ready for shipping as promised.

Donna has written a very nice post today about our visit.  Craig thinks I was exaggerate the difficulty of parking here. 

This is their description of our road and driveway:

And what a road that is!!  It has more curves than Kim Kardasian, and more twists than a John Grishom mystery.  Not only is it curvy and twisty, it is skinnier than a than a marriage manual written by your maiden aunt Mildred.  On one side is a steep drop-off and on the other is mountain side with a deep ditch running alongside.  We were terrified driving our little Fit up there!  NO WAY would we ever drive a motor home on that road.

So, I was not crazy in being worried.  Craig is doing a great job getting it in and out, but it will always be hard and I will always fret the night before.

I'm stealing this picture that Donna took of me and the Elephant I'm currently working on.  It's hard to take pictures of yourself, and it shows the scale of my work.

Most of my pieces are a little smaller, but this is an Elephant after all!


I want to thank all of you who left great comments on my post about surge protectors.  We have ordered one that will be hardwired into the Alfa.  I feel a bit like we have tempted the wrath of the RV Gods by having dared to go out a couple of times without one! 

 But Craig says to remember the Alfa is almost six years old and has not been damaged.  I have a feeling that the only power the Alfa has slurped has been in high end resorts and not at sometimes iffy rustic parks.  Why? Because she feels so very "unused."  Just a feeling.

Do you get more reliable power in expensive private resorts?


  1. My hubby says we don't need a clock that tells the time of day we need one that tells us the day of the week. Retirement sure changes your perspective.

  2. This is the first I've noticed your new background. An elephant I think? Cool.

  3. I never realized how large the elephant was!

    Glad to hear you got a surge protector. How do you know the Alfa has not had some damage? It could have been repaired.

    I never know what day it is either.

  4. I wonder if Merikay told Russ and Donna about my maiden aunt Mildred. She was married but I never noticed her or her husband ever accomplish anything, so it is logical to assume she remained a maiden. She also made the lumpiest mashed potatoes I ever ate.

    The driveway described so thrillingly seems fairly straight to me. Maybe different people experience the curvature of the universe differently?

    None of the observant readers of this blog should need to be told that Merikay is the one on the right in the picture :-)

  5. Glad you got the surge protector. We have had problems at "resorts" as well as regular RV parks. The ones in the east are especially difficult. Since I don't stay at the "high end" resorts, I don't know about their electric issues. But it also protects if the power were to go out because of a storm. That is one big elephant head!!

  6. so glad to hear you got to meet Russ and Donna!!..another blogger to add to your list!!! her description of your road!!

  7. no craig, we know you would have on bright jammies, right? What day is it anyway? MK, how do you ship that monster?

  8. What day is it? Who cares - haven't worried about it for the last 12 years!

  9. I do the same thing and I'm still working. I can't wait for when I don't have to worry about what day it is.
    That is some elephant.

  10. Craig you are so funny! I picked the name Mildred out of thin air - so funny that was your aunt's name! The driveway is not the biggest's Summit Drive. Good grief, scary road that!!! You are very brave to bring that big white thing up and down the road. Keep it up, you must be good at it!


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