Friday, January 6, 2012

Float building, RV Repairs

On Saturday and Sunday we took our grandsons to see the floats being built for the Rose Parade.

Before I write about it, I want to write a a bit more about Alfateers Service Center. The most important information I want to get out there is that they service brands other than Alfa.  So if you need service on any brand of class A diesel, and you are near Southern California, give them a call!  They are a great group, and they have several overnight spots. We feel they did an excellent job and were quite reasonably priced.

We had new seals put on both slides, some trim repairs, and had them go over the entire rig checking it out.  We are happy to say that everything is good!  They took it over to Freightliner for us, and we still need a new fuel filter (it was out of stock).  One was ordered for us and we will stop back there after the Indio Rally.  We'll also have Alfateers service the generator diesel.

Float Building

All surfaces of the float must be covered with organic material.  I'm not sure there's a rule for the percentage that must be fresh flowers; they also use seeds, leaves, beans and bark.  Stuff can be dried, chopped, and even put through a blender to create a powder that can be glued to the surface.

Can you imagine glueing individual split peas or lentils onto a float?  Cranberries are a little bigger.  They also use coffee and chocolate.

We waited in long lines full of fun people.  Most of the building locations had a high overlook walkway.  We did not get down onto the floor, but were able to ask questions of guides stationed every few feet.

Craig and our two Grandsons.


  1. I can't imagine how much work let alone material goes into the floats. Great to be able to view the building of floats too. I'm sure you were very interested in view of your own craft.

    Can't wait to see the parade through your eyes.


  2. The floats are beautiful and they take a lot of work.

  3. We just loved the way the floats smelled. Just like standing in a flower garden!...

  4. Those grandsons will remember that experience FOREVER!

  5. What a fun trip. Those floats are really beautiful.

  6. I saw a bit of the parade on float that caught my eye was the one with Elizabeth Taylor and they said the pictures were made with poppy seeds!!..amazing!!

  7. Oh how fun to have watched some of them being built. Bet it smells lovely too. Such tedious work, amazing stuff!

  8. They had a program on prior to the parade that showed how they built some of those floats, and all the work that goes into them. Amazing! Nice that you were able to see some of that. The parade takes on a whole new meaning when you've seen what goes into making the floats!


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