Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I saw the sunrise yesterday. I rarely see one at our house because I'm seldom up early enough, and because we live on a west-facing slope.

The sunrise looked very much like the sunsets here. Very pink. I wonder if it is because there's a lot of dust in the air.

We've been up early every morning on this trip. Perhaps this is because at the house our bedroom is very dark and quiet, whereas in the Alfa the bedroom is quite light, and we are more aware of the noises around us. Our bed is very comfortable, and I have been sleeping soundly. At the house we tend to stay up much later, reading in front of the fire. On this trip, the new TV Craig put in the bedroom has been a draw, and we've been watching movies in bed. Actually we have been getting so sleepy after a movie is halfway thru that we have made each of the last two movies last two nights! Craig bought several BlueRay DVDs for me for Christmas.

At the house we do not have a TV in the bedroom.

Another morning difference is that at the house, Craig goes to the mailbox in the morning and brings in the newspaper while I make coffee. We read the paper in bed, and then Craig will usually stay in bed for a while. In the Alfa, there is no newspaper. Craig has been getting up long before I wake up, going up front to read the news on the computer. When I wake up, I've been ready to find out what's happening outside, so I get up and dress.

I do hope this early rising will continue after we get back to the house. It would promote getting things done!

I discovered a good thing about the iPad today. I can compose a blog on it. The other day it said it didn't support "compose", but now it does. I will still take a look at this on my laptop before I publish so that I can check spelling, but now I can blog when Craig is on the laptop. (I did that and now I will post it from the laptop.)


  1. We don't get up early anymore. I did that for so many years while I was working and now I stay up later at night. I am usually up about 7:00 but for me that's late.

  2. Interesting post! I hadn't thought how the physical differences in the motor home would change your daily routine.

  3. sure sounds like life in Alfa is working out pretty nicely!!..enjoy yourselves!!

  4. On my first two trips in the RV, I was getting up early. Now, I sleep in late most days, but sometimes I get up early. My schedule is all messed up, I think its because I don't have things that I "have" to do. That's why I think workamping or volunteering may be good - I will then have appointments to keep and maybe things will go back to a normal schedule.

  5. We found that as we proceeded west from Indiana that Oliver, our then only fur kid would adjust to the time change and wake us up at 7:30. How he did that, I have no clue. We are eager to see what he and Olivia do this year. (whenever we finally get out of here)

  6. I'm a pretty early riser too, and I always get dressed first thing.

  7. We are definitely not morning people. We only get up early on moving days. I like to watch the late night shows and I think that is just how my internal clock works. Glad you got to see the sunrise.

  8. We don't get up too early, but I agree with you that much more can be accomplished with the day with that!

    I'm more preferable to the pink sunrise/sunset colors than the bold red and orange colors. Somehthing I'd never really considered until being in the desert last winter!


  9. You sure sound like you're enjoying that Alfa. I don't often rise early enough to greet the sun, but it is a terrific way to start the day ...once in a while.


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