Saturday, May 19, 2012

Fun RV article in New York Times

One of my non RV friends sent me the link to this article in an email today.

In a Rented RV Roaming Western Roads

It reminded us of our trip up to Washington in a Cruise America Class C a few years ago.  We will  be trying to go to the Umpqua Hot springs, mentioned in the article,  after our stay at Crater Lake in July.

Hope you all enjoy it too.

Thank you Irene!


  1. That was a fun read. Thanks for posting the link.

    We're still dreaming an hoping.

    Good to see you on the road. Hope you have your Motorhome back and ship-shape soon. Look forward to reading about your next trip


  2. Altho our road-adventure fantasies usually involve an Airstream or Teardrop, we have used a drivable smallish RV in NZ and know exactly how we would do it again.Harder to imagine doing it here, but being familiar with the territory of this trip, I enjoyed yet another desktop journey from the comfort of close proximity to my espresso! Glad you enjoyed it too. Look forward to hearing about your next longer trip.

  3. Great article..and interesting comments! We are one big family :)


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