Thursday, May 24, 2012

More repairs

The upper drive sure looks empty without the Alfa up there.

 The shop where we are having the upper back corner repaired called today and asked if we wanted to get the front spoiler fixed too.  It was damaged before we bought her, and the dealer's estimate for the fix was outrageous.  This place's estimate was less than half what the dealer wanted, so we said yes.  Our Alfa has decals, and all are in great shape except for the one on the back.  Since they will be repainting the back they will be applying a new back decal as well.

She is going to be so pretty!

At home, the boxes of parts for the tow and braking systems are collecting in the front hall.  We are waiting for one more part and then will make the arrangements for the installation.  The place that is doing the fiberglass is an Airforce One dealer, but doesn't seem to like installing the Blue Ox. Seems they are a Roadmaster Dealer.  The place Craig has found that does Blue Ox said they didn't have any experience with the Airforce One braking system.  Neither place could match our internet price, with no sales tax and free shipping, so we bought the parts ourselves.  

I just hope it all comes together and we don't have any problems.  I figure with two different installers they could easily point the finger at each others work!

Why does everything have to be so complicated.


  1. Hope she's home soon looking spiffy!

  2. soon she will be home looking mighty fine again!..why are things so difficult?..once I figure out the answer I will let you know..that is unless you figure it out first?

  3. You'll get it all worked out...eventually.

  4. Wow, she'll be like new! Hope the tow apparatus gets installed with a minimum of issues.

  5. I had my Roadmaster brackets installed by one dealer and the Air Force 1 installed by another.

    Neither system interferes with the other and they work great.

    Don't worry, it'll work out fine! :c)


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