Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Work Around the House

It is only Wednesday, but I think we have already done a good week's work around here! 

We decided to skip the large stair area and finish the rest of the railings on the lower deck fist.  It was a good stretch of over 80 uprights, and took most of Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.

A rainstorm is predicted for tomorrow, so we put away the sanders for a few days and Craig has been working most of today (Wednesday) cleaning up leaves.  About 1/3 of the trees around our house are big maples and drop their leaves in autumn.  The rest are either redwoods, Douglas fir, pine, live oak, or bay laurel which do not.

We seem to be cleaning up leaves almost all year round, since some of the trees mentioned above drop their leaves gradually over the year, and the evergreens are always dropping needles!

Craig started up on the roof. 

Then did the back court area. 

And the upper drive where the Alfa is parked.

I didn't start working on sanding another of the railings today because I had to work on a new order for a couple of animal head sculptures. Business has been dreadfully slow this year, but I still get some work from time to time.  Just enough to keep the  studio room renovation for one of our last projects!

I also just have to tell you about a new sandwich that Craig tried this week.  He read about it in the New York Times.

Peanut Butter and Pickle sandwiches! 

He tried both sliced sweet pickles, and some pickle relish.  It was strangely delicious and may become a new favorite. The bread he used was my home made whole wheat bread. The reason it looks like someone took a small bite out of the face slice was because I didn't take the paddle out of the bread machine before it baked.

What is your favorite unusual food?


  1. I like peanut butter and banana but I'm not sure I want to try the pickles. That bread looks fantastic. I am so glad we don't have leaves to deal with anymore. I really don't miss raking.

  2. Oh I'm so going to try this....I love those hot and spicy sweet pickles! Protein and veggies...gosh can't beat that :O)

  3. I grew up on peanut butter and pickle sandwiches ( dill) but we added one ingredient. Peanut butter, mayo, and pickles.

  4. Peanut Butter and Heinz dill pickles (not Kosher ones) or Peanut Butter and marshmallow creme

  5. I laughed when I read about the pickles and Peanut Butter. My mom loves to eat a peanut butter and pickle sandwich. She also likes peanut butter with banana. Or peanut butter and tomatos I like to take chocolate peanutbutter (actully chocolate hazelnut butter) and eat it with pretzel sticks. Works for me :D

  6. pickles and peanut butter?..sounds interesting but I don't think it something I would try?

  7. We had a babysitter that used to eat peanut butter and pickles. Now, believe it or not, Russ eats peanut butter and tuna! I do NOT!! But I do eat an old depression era food my grandma used to make. It's make by simmering dribblings (egg, flour, and salt stirred up into tiny dumplings) in milk. Top it off with a pat of butter and eat like porridge. Not very healthy but during the depression they always had a cow, some chickens and flour was cheap.

  8. I've had peanut butter and onion sammies which were good. I suppose in the name of science I'll have to try the pickle variation next time we have pickles in the house!

    Imagine when you are full-timing and can just drive away from the leaves!!!

  9. Peanut butter and bacon is very good - also add jelly sometimes to the above. A college friend from the early 80's got me hooked on these and they are still good today!

    Have you tried peanut butter and Fluff (spreadable marshmallow in a jar). Popular in the northeast.

    Katy in NH

  10. There is an author of mysteries and her main character eats peanut butter and pickles. I loved that series and for the life of me, cannot remember the author.


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