Monday, May 27, 2013

It's Shaun The Sheep

Craig and I are both fans of a rather silly but delightful British animated character called Shaun the Sheep.  We have watched all of the available episodes on Netflix.  Craig's ring tone on his cell phone is the Shaun the Sheep theme song.

What can I say, we try to be grown ups, but this is one of our small digressions.

This is a web picture of Shaun and two of his friends:

Shaun is on the right.

I've been having fun creating many small 4" x 4" needlepoint panels. They are just the right size for coasters.  

The other evening I created a special one for Craig.  He encouraged me to post it here.

Now that I look at the web picture I see I could have been more accurate, but when I created this I only had my memory to go on as to what he looked like.

If you need a bit of fun in your life and you get Netflix, check him out.


  1. Oh Geez, that is just too crazy cute. feed the inner child, I say, we all need it.

  2. So cute! Never heard of Shaun The sheep. I'm off to find it on netflix bye bye.

  3. I have never heard of Shaun the Sheep?..may have to google it!

  4. I never heard of Shawn, but I'll definitely check him out. The little coaster turned out very cute!

    Glad to see you're still alive and well. I've been wondering what you guys were doing.

  5. Fun stuff. I've enjoyed all of Nick Park's very unique form of entertainment, going back to "A Grand Day Out".
    I think too there's the appreciation for all the work that goes into every second of it.

  6. How fun! We'll have to check it out. Great job on the coaster!

  7. So cute. Glad you posted it. I've never heard of Shaun either. We must never stop enjoying anything that makes us feel good just because we're older. Way to go.

  8. Tee-Hee!! Great job on the coaster - I always like it when the inner child comes out to play. One of our favorite movies is "UP" - an animated feature!

  9. I had to laugh when you said Shaun is the one on the right. HaHaHa. Of course he is. LOL.

    Love the coaster - you did a great job. Nice that you guys head in the same direction to find your inner child. One of the things that makes a good partnership. :)

  10. I have to admit I don't care for the plastic needle point thing.

    Have you given any thought to doing the art you use to do only in miniature? There are some arts that people pay big bucks for in miniature.

    People that do doll house miniatures can do well. I use to do brass goblets, plates, etc on a watch maker's lathe. Eight well done wine goblets could bring a weeks wages and only took a hour or so to make.
    A watch maker's lathe is very small and since very few still do watch repair or watch making in the US they can/could be had for $125.

    I went to school in Denver, learning watch making, at a trades school in the late 70's for very little money.

    Miniature area rugs, done really well, can bring a crazy amount.

  11. I LOVE it! This is just the zany sort of thing that would attract my attention. Excellent job on the coasters :-)


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