Sunday, June 16, 2013

Good Job Craig, Good Job

Sunday afternoon...

This morning Craig and Mick installed the faucet in the lower bathroom. 

Right now Craig is going around the house picking up tools and putting them away. He said I should write a post about it so my readers would see he cares about my stress level.

Thank you Craig.

If I had know it was that easy I would have posted about it earlier. He actually threw a few things away too!


  1. What a guy! He's a good man and very thoughtful.

  2. HAHA - You guys make me laugh!! You can work hard and still keep a sense of humor. Great job, Craig - here's a pat on the back for you!!

  3. LOL, that's great. If you don't ask, the answer is always no. It took me many years of frustration to learn that.

  4. Good job, Craig! And to think, she didn't even have to beat you with a stick. :)

  5. Good boy, give him a bone!!! :-)

  6. Now you know how to get him to do anything you want done...

    Good to know he is concerned for your stress levels. I guess this means you will need to be nice to him.

    I can't believe how hard you two have worked to get your house renovations finished.


  7. Craig, you da man! Happy Father's Day!


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