Friday, November 1, 2013

Shelf Improvement

No, I didn't make a typing error, this post is really about shelf improvement, not self improvement.

We've had the Alfa for two years, and have lived in her for over three months. I have to say that there are very few things I would want to change. But nothing is perfect.

This is my wonderful kitchen area. I like having the windows behind the sink and stove.  It gives me lots of light and I can look out while I am cooking or washing up.

On the other side of the coach is a cabinet that has three humongous drawers and two big shelves. Great accessible storage for canned goods,  snacks and miscellaneous cooking tools. I keep small hand tools like spatulas and wooden spoons in the drawers by the sink.  

The less-than-perfect cupboard was the one to the lower left of the sink.
The bottom shelf is deep and narrow. I had to go down on my hands and knees to get anything from the back of it. With the bottom of the sink taking up part of the upper space, it was not good for tall bulky items.

I asked Craig if he could make some slide-out shelves for it. Last week we went out and looked at existing hardware and pre-made shelving. Of course nothing was quite right.

When we got back, Craig searched the Web and came up with a company in Arizona that made custom size pull out shelves for a quite reasonable cost.  It is called Shelves That Slide. They have several standard sizes for depth, but the width is cut to your measurements.  We ordered two and they arrived within a week.

The company has locations in Arizona and Nevada. They will also install the shelves for you for a reasonable cost.  

Craig said he ordered the wrong type of hardware, but with a little modification it worked just fine.

I wasn't thinking when I made my counter-top holder for oils and balsamic vinegar. They really should be kept in a cool dark cabinet, not on a sunny counter. Now they are, and are still quite available when I'm cooking. The needlepoint holder will keep them in place when we are moving. 

Another plus is that this shifts just a little of the weight to the right side of the coach. The Alfa seems to be left side heavy because that is where her slides and closets are. 

Every little bit of weight balance can help.

So, that's the news from Camp Driveway, where the squirrels have fluffy tails and the bucks are following the does around waiting for the right moment.


  1. I need something like this is one of my cabinets, I will check out the website. Thanks.

  2. nice idea!! sure will make things a lot easier!

  3. Very nice.
    I think one of the most enjoyable things I did to our motorhome (the one we no longer own) was turfing out ALL THE DRAWERS and making new ones out of dovetailed pine. Started out with some wasted space in the kitchen, and the I guess I got carried away.
    I put the old fronts back, as there was nothing wrong with them. The old drawers themselves were pitiful though. Stapled things.
    That's when I discovered that the manufacturers really waste a lot of space in an RV. Couldn't believe it.

  4. It looks like you made some good modifications. The only way to really know what works is to live in it for a while.

    I've seen sliding shelves at HD and Lowes, but they are specific sizes. I might have to check out the place you used. I like the idea of making them custom sizes.

    It's funny you mentioned oils and balsamic vinegars. We just went to the Blue Ridge Olive oil company yesterday and got some wonderful flavored oils and vinegar.

  5. Excellent mod! Do you think Craig would come by and install some for me?

  6. What a great idea! It seems things are either too high or too low for me. The storage in The Palms is really good and it works for me. My lower drawers aren't well made, though, and probably should be replaced.

  7. I love the new drawers. Thank you for sharing your ideas and product sources.

    All the best,

  8. I also put in sliding drawers in our pantry.
    The original pantry was 3 feet deep and 15" high. How were we to find and grab things that were way in the back longer that my arm's reach. The sliding shelves work perfect!

  9. Nice mod! Hummmm... my cabinet under the sink might need something similar.

    It is lucky to have the time to get all this little things fine tuned while you still have access to a workshop ;-)

  10. The space under my sink is oddly shaped and I currently use odd shaped platic tubs (formerly drawers) as drawers to reach things in the back of the cabinet.


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