Sunday, March 30, 2014

This and that at Rio Bend RV Resort

What kind of ducks are these?  They were huge!  Far larger than any wild mallard I have ever seen. They were happily swimming in the pond at th Rio Bend RV resort, and when I walked by, instead of paddling away they quickly got out of the water and came quacking towards me.  They were clearly looking for a handout, and when I proved to be treatless they returned to the water. 

If they were dogs I would call them mutts.  I think mother duck was a local domestic and father duck was a traveling bird! I didn't know ducks did that, but I suspect he was a "Dandy Drake", possibly from Oregon, and she was a "Dizzy Dame." 

We returned to this park because Craig has a return appointment with the Algodones dentist on Tuesday, and we really liked it here for the $25 per day Passport America rate. I have walked every morning and gone to the pool for an hour every afternoon.  Stretching in a warm pool is so good for my back.  This is one of the things I have been looking forward to so very much. It balances the days of hiking and rock climbing very nicely.  

Our site is small, but cozy. There are olianders around the back, and a park model on one side. It blocks the wind nicely.

Many of the snowbirds have already left for the season, but we enjoyed meeting a few at the last park fish fry on Friday evening. Yummy. $10 each. All you can eat, although we each only ate one portion.   Beer was $2. 

On Saturday we finished our taxes, and on Sunday we worked on our wish list for the things we want and need for the Alfa.  One of them was a ladder.

We found this one at the Home Depot in El Centro. It extends to 12' 6" and is quite light. I really like the thickness of the legs. It has nice rubber buffers on the top edges so it won't scratch or mark the Alfa.

Craig didn't need to extend it all of the way to reach the back bedroom window, but can if he needs to work higher.

While we were still at Camp Driveway we had several ladders, but none were suitable to bring along.  Craig really doesn't want to tie a ladder onto the back of the Alfa. We have plenty of room in the bays for this type.

Monday night we will be dry camping at the Casino that is about two miles from the border. His appointment is at 10:00 AM, and then we will drive on over to Casa Grande.  It is only about 170 miles. We will be a couple of days early for our Camp Freightliner class, but many of the Alfa owners will also already be there. I think we will run up to Chandler (about 40 miles) on Wednesday to go to Trader Joe's and Camping World. Our total stay in Casa Grande will be 12 days.  It is a lovely resort, has a nice pool, and we will have many Alfa activities and dinners. We enjoyed ourselves last year and are sure to do so again this.

I will post about the Freightliner class.

Until then:

Sunset, as viewed from a few steps away from our Rio Bend RV Resort site on Saturday evening.  



  1. This weekend we saw two ducks fly over the condo's pool, and land in it to swim around. Cracked us up. They didn't hurt anybody, but I wondered about how dirty they were. Wish we had a pool here in the forest!

  2. enjoy all the amenities! the pool looks very inviting!
    nice ladder! compact is a good thing!

  3. Yikes.....that picture of Craig on that ladder made me nervous.

    Not that Craig is accident prone, :) but I think it should be at a greater angle. I always have to caution Al as he never gets a big enough angle when he's using his ladder. I've seen those ladders. The look really nice. We have a Lil Giant and it's soooo bulky. I wish we had the type you bought.

    (Al is currently reading your blog and he thought the angle of the ladder was just fine.) And that, Mr. Al is why you need me around!

    I don't know what kind of ducks they are. The look like mallards to me, but I guess they are too big.

    Your sunset shot is gorgeous.

  4. I would have thought mallards....but not really sure about the ducks. Cool ladder!
    I love your spot there. I like cozy when it is inviting and peaceful like your spot!

    Safe travels!

  5. I think you're lucky those big birds decided to head back to the lake rather than get too demanding about food. They definitely look well fed. Love the Dandy and Dizzy. Have fun in Casa Grande.

  6. Over the years, the Oregon Ducks have gotten bigger and bigger. I think it must have something to do with all that Nike money they get from Uncle Phil.

  7. Same ladder we have, Merikay. It is a good one and feels safe. Nice to see you enjoying your time down south.

  8. An obvious plot to bring out the lurkers :-) so I'll bite. What's the brand of the new ladder? It looks perfect!

  9. Hope you enjoy Camp Freightliner. I'm the first to admit there were moments when my head was so full I had to just let the information "flow over me". We walked away feeling much more confident about the "innards" of our coach.

  10. Ladder name is TASC-LADDER 12'6" telescoping ladder. Home depot product page is

    Bar code is 0 29882 45864 8. If anyone knows how to use that, they're smarter than me.

    We paid $189 in El Centro but the web price on that page is much higher. So don't buy it from

  11. Love the ladder, beautiful sunset!

  12. If Craig needs more practice with that ladder, he's more than welcome to do my windows any time! ;)

  13. When Craig is finished with Judy's windows, he can was our coach!

  14. Hi Merikay! We don't have a ladder on our new TT & this one looks perfect. I woke up this morning wondering how we could pad it but none of those worries with this ladder! Looks like 'man angle' to me.


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