Friday, June 13, 2014

Cruise on the Red River

One of the things I want on this adventure is to find the unique character of the places at which we stop. I think this was why I was a bit disappointed with our Wednesday morning wander around the downtown area of Shreveport. It just wasn't where we were. 

There are many outlet stores and several large casinos on the opposite side of the river from where we walked, but shopping and gambling are not alluring to me. 

We have driven around a bit, and I am pleased to report there are some nice parts of the city.

I was concerned that if we were at a state park this week we would not have a clear sky for satellite reception. The World Cup started on Thursday, and watching soccer games will be Craig's main interest for a while. 

With that in mind, we caught the 10 AM departure of the Red River Cruise Boat. The weather was very pleasant, in the high 70's, and there was a nice little breeze.  We were the only passengers.

The cruise itself is an hour long. We went up into a bayou which was quite pretty.

We saw Blue Heron,

and Egrets.

This was pointed out to us as "his and hers" houseboats. Apparently they are occupied by a couple who are together, but need their own space!

I wonder if the tent on the top deck is a summer house or a sleeping loft.

We were back to the Alfa by noon and watched the Spain vs. the Netherlands game. Spain was supposed to be the best in the world, but lost badly.

We took an evening walk last night and enjoyed seeing fireflies in the trees.  The KOA keeps the mosquitos under control by fogging. I heard the truck the other night.  I'm not sure what I think about that. I don't like the though of the poison in the air and on the grass, but I also hate mosquitos. 

Spray or not? 


  1. That is some yucky lookinga water but nice bird pics.

    I'm with you on the bug spraying.

  2. hmmmm...not sure. We seldom have mosquitoes (or ticks) in Arizona and that makes me happy.

  3. Don't like mosquitoes so nuke 'em till they glow

  4. those crawdads the other day looked good!

    I hear you on the spraying - I have mixed feelings. One one hand, Poison, on the other potential disease. My dad got west nile several years back and has never been the same since.

    I see you have joined the ranks of the satellite dependent - at least you don't have to go crazy aiming.... are you liking your dish on the roof?

  5. I also have the dilemma of poison or deal with the pests. I use flea/tick control liquid only when I really feel it is needed. Luckily, I only have to use every 4-5 months, instead of the recommended monthly.

    A comment for Laura about the satellite. We have to set up and aim and my hubby has gotten it down beautifully. He gets all 80's to even 100's within 2 attempts.


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