Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Another Successful Drive

Well, here we are, in a Minneapolis suburb called Maple Grove, 192 miles away from where we were this morning.  We are parked and plugged in, alongside the Crystal Welding company building. We are here for them to complete the installation of the tow base plate, and reinstall the Air-force One, the brake assist device, on the Jeep so that we can tow it behind the Alfa. Craig brought the Accent here to have it removed before we traded it in. Since the RV dealer down in Sioux Falls messed up the appointment schedule for the base plate installation, and did not want to do the Air-force One work, we brought it all up here.

We drove up to see Judy, and down here from Itasca separately. I drove the Alfa and Craig  followed in the Jeep. I really can't understand why many women say they are afraid to drive their RV's. Our Alfa is so easy and smooth to handle. Today was the first time I pulled into a gas station. I thought it would be scary, but I just took a look at the layout and knew where I needed to go. I may have moved slowly, but I had no problems. Just after that I had to make my first u-turn, and it too was no big deal. There was not any traffic, and a wide open intersection, but I think I could have done it under far worse conditions just as easily. When it comes to parking, we work together very well. Craig's strength is knowing which way to turn the wheel and mine is doing exactly what he tells me.

Once the Alfa was parked and plugged in, we took off for some much needed grocery shopping. My last shop was in Sioux Falls a week ago. We could have waited a few more days, but the need list was growing. We don't know if we will have a car tomorrow night, so we thought we'd better shop. 

Maple Grove MN not only has a Trader Joe's, but also has a fabulous market called Byerly's. We were really spoiled by our markets in California, but this place is just as good as any there. We admit it.  We are Foodies. We rarely eat dinner in restaurants. Sometimes we'll catch lunch in a restaurant or fast-food place.  We don't mind paying premium prices for the best ingredients for home cooking.  One of the things we were in search of were oyster mushrooms, and the other was Walnut Oil. Byerlys had both. Whole Foods, T J's nor any store we have been through in the last month had the mushrooms.  Not even dried. I hadn't really looked for the oil lately.

Good food doesn't depend on exotic ingredients, but it is fun to   find special things.  We will be in or around larger cities for a few weeks, so shopping won't be hard.

Now ... If only I can find some fresh water chestnuts ... I was reading they are considered an invasive species in the Minnesota lakes.  Till then, canned will have to do.

What should I do with the Wild Rice that Craig bought? Any suggestions?


  1. It is good that you found not one, but two good places to shop.

    We have been two new green grocers here in Greenwood (just south of Indianapolis.) One is Fresh Thyme and the other is ????? It opens today, and we are going to check it out! Fresh time is a larger version of Whole Foods, with more reasonable prices.

  2. What are water chestnuts and how do they grow? I just thought they grew in the can. hahahaha

  3. For Fresh water chesnuts try an asian grocery

  4. You'll be pleasantly surprised when you come here to Blairsville. Check out my blog today.

  5. you go girl!

    I usually mix the wild rice in with my regular brown and red. So 1 part brown, 1 part red, 1 part wild. I may add some spices, garlic or onion, but honestly, I love the flavours of the grains plain :-)

    Thanks for your comments about my story. I have which ending is which all muddled, so you may well have been talking about the ending with just the woman alone. I wanted that one to be desolate, and sad. No chance at reconciliation.

    Hope all goes well with the Jeep!


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