Thursday, September 11, 2014

An Odd Little RV Park

Hominy Valley RV Park
NC hwy. 151, Candler, NC

Actually one could hardly our present location an "RV park", just a "place to park an RV".  

It is a little place along a road that has six 50 amp power, water, sewer hook ups and not much else. The gravel is newish and level, the grass between sites is green and cut, the landscape trees are healthy and seem new.  The other occupants include four trailers that, although not decrepit, are a bit old. Looking at the plumbing around them, they seem to be long time residents. Plus a medium size fifth wheel next to us. I saw an older lady with her dogs yesterday when we pulled in, and an older man came home in a truck carrying what looked like a lunch box late in the day. They may be here on a permanent basis too.  And then there is us.  So the place is full.

There is no camp-host or anyone on site who is in charge. I made a reservation a day ahead by telephone and was told to pay with a check placed into a stamped, addressed envelope that was in a mailbox on site, and put it into the outgoing mailbox at the road. We had a small problem with a leak at the faucet connection, and although it would not have affected us, Craig wanted to let someone know about it so as to not waste water. We are still Californians at heart! He called the same number I had, and the owner's brother-in-law came and fixed it within an hour.

There is only a single line of evergreens between us and the highway, but the highway does not seem to have much truck traffic, so once the day ends, so does the traffic. It was quiet all night. I heard the first car at about 7:00 AM. I don't mind street noise during the day.

All of this for only $15 per night. It is a 50% off Escapees park.
We will be here for a week. When the blinds are closed at night, home is home, wherever it is parked.

Hominy Valley is at the eastern edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the Blue Ridge Parkway is just a short drive away via highway 151, which winds quite a bit. Driving RVs on 151 up to the Parkway is not recommended. I looked at campgrounds in the mountains, but could not find anything that suited our needs. They are mostly for tent campers or smaller rigs.

It rained quite heavily Tuesday night, and the weather was pleasantly cool on Wednesday.  

We took our first drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway from where it intersected 151, north to a Visitors Center. There were several tunnels. At the VC we watched a movie about how the Parkway was built, and gathered information about hikes and other things we could do while we were here. 

Because of the rain, it was fairly cloudy, and although we enjoyed the views from the overlooks, they did not make the greatest pictures. We think this is the valley where the Alfa awaits our return.

Thursday we will drive south on the Parkway, and possibly take a short hike. Rain is in the forecast, but that doesn't stop us. It seems the storms are very short and there is plenty of sunshine in between.


  1. We only got to do a small portion of the Blue Ridge parkway, but we thought it was just beautiful. The smoky mountain fog really does give it the moniker the 'smoky mountains'.

  2. We have said the same thing "once the blinds are closed, home is home - wherever we are parked"
    Isn't it wonderful!

  3. When I traveled for work they occasionally put us in rooms with a lovely view. It sounded good, but with the busy schedule we were only in the room to sleep - could have had an alley view! Quiet at night is a bonus, glad you're making the most of it :-)

  4. We love traveling the Blue Ridge Parkway. You might, if you are in the area, want to go to Asheville, NC and have the ribs at 12 bones. They have 2 locations. One is in the city and one on the outskirts where we went...and Obama went. It is his fav rib place.

  5. I love that name "hominy ridge"... you sound for sure that you're in the South... maybe staying on Grits Lane or the such ;-)

  6. We stayed there a few weeks two years ago. I think there was one other rv and the price was right.

    Try and visit the Biltmore Estate. Pricey but well worth it...and spring for the audio tour.

    We also loved Mt Mitchell state park.

    We loved the area and saw a lot of sights and had a great time.

  7. I kind of like those small, odd RV parks rather than the big huge resorts. They are definitely interesting.

  8. Oh boy do you sound like a fulltimer now! Once you close the rv doors and shades it is home even if in a parking lot.

  9. It looks beautiful there! I just love the flexibility that comes from being in an RV, even when you can only find a "place" to park rather than a nice RV park. Nonetheless, getting out and seeing the world is incredible.


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