Monday, September 8, 2014

Weather Better

One thing I have never been really concerned with has been weather condition in places where I am not. Sitting in my house in the Santa Cruz Mountains for so many years, I became accustomed to "perfect" summers. But "perfect" can get boring, and I knew that the weather would be something we would have to deal with in our travels.

Hot, humid conditions are only uncomfortable if you want to do outdoor strenuous things like hiking. For most people, air conditioning is the solution.  We have air conditioning in our Jeep and in the Alfa, so all we would have to do is stay home, or go on driving tours instead of walking.

Monday the weather finally broke. It rained most of the night, and we were pleased to see temperatures in the sixties when we got up.

But Monday was also a planned at-home day. We will be moving on Tuesday, so we have a few prep things to do and I will catch up on the wash. If the temperature stays comfortable, I hope to take a nice long walk around the park this afternoon.

I have also checked the weather forecast for our next location. It looks like it will be at least ten degrees lower during the day. Eighties instead of nineties. I will welcome that!

Next summer we may be wiser about choosing our route.  

Or not!


  1. It's difficult to have wonderful weather all the time, but I know it's the goal. Glad you're getting some cooler weather. I've been noticing many places way north of us are having much hotter weather than we have here in Georgia.

    We have been complaining about temps in the mid 80's, but it looks like we're cooling down and will be back in the 70's with nights in the 50's....perfect for us!

    See you soon.

  2. "It is what it is" is what my farmer friends say, even though their livelihood is made by the weather.

    I don't mind the hot days so much, it is the hot, humid nights that I find hard. We are just starting to cool down way in the North here (Ottawa) which is unusual.

    Safe travel tomorrow.

  3. We had great weather along the coast earlier this summer but when we headed across Washington we got temps in the 100s. Now in Buffalo Wyoming we are under a winter storm advisory.


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