Monday, October 13, 2014

A foggy Autumn drive

Judy commented she likes her ribs naked.  Georgia would probably frown on a nudist restaurant.
Every day the trees have been showing a little more color. Unfortunately the weather has been quite rainy and we have not gotten out as much as we would like. It has rained every night.

Monday, we decided to take a drive along the Russell-Brasstown Scenic Byway even though it was a bit wet and foggy. I would say that the color was more than halfway to its peak. Sunshine would have been nice, but the fog gave a bit of a mysterious air to the forests.

We stopped and took a two mile walk to the Dukes Creek Falls.

It was wet, but it did not rain on us.

The fog was really neat. I heard a little boy who was walking with his parents say "it's like we're in a parallel universe." A perfect description of how it felt.

Many colors.

Dukes Creek Falls is the confluence of a smaller creek, which is coming down from on high via many branches (above), with a larger creek that makes a lot of right-angle turns (below). 

We hope one of the next few days will be dry and sunny. We would like to take the same drive again because there were many turnouts that overlooked mountain vistas that were totally fogged in today.  If the weather stays as it is, the leaves will soon fall and the show will be over.

Autumn color is one reason we are here.


  1. Wasn't that fog crazy today? Oh, and y'all be alert tomorrow morning early ... that storm sounds like a bad one!

  2. Here in CA we're getting"weather for the locals". It's been sunny, warm, and beautiful out. Still no rain :(

  3. Beautiful the kid comment..a parallel universe it is!

  4. looks like you've been living high on the hog! Your walks sound lovely, and your photos today are great. I'll be the peak of colours will be magnificent with Autumn's full glory.


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