Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Looking for Advice about the East Coast

Our spring and early summer plan is to go up the East Coast, visiting places like Savannah, Charleston, Virginia Beach, New York City, and on up to Maine. We are still not sure if we want to go on into the Maritime provinces, or swing back into the Adirondack Mountains for the summer.  If we go into Canada, we can still get to the Adirondacks on our way back. 

I have made reservations up to Savanah, leaving there on April 12, but I am looking for advice and recommendations from there on north. 

I know some of my readers are from the East Coast, and might have some interesting and useful things to share. 

We usually don't boondock, but are OK with a night or two of dry camping if nothing else is available, or if the place is special.

One big question I have is, has anyone taken their RV over/through the Chesapeake Tunnel and bridge system? We know the tolls are a bit stiff, but are ok with that. We are within the height restrictions.  

From what I have been reading, they do have wind restrictions, and if it is over 40 mph, a Class A rig would not be allowed to cross. We wouldn't want to anyway! But what I'm wondering is how often do the winds get that high, and is there a best time of day to cross?

Any thoughts on these questions will be much appreciated. You can leave your recommendations as a comment, or if you want you can send me an email.

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  1. Just an FYI for the propane restrictions...

    I'm biased, but I would recommend the Adirondacks. :) We always stay at Iroquois Campground in Peru, NY. You can take the Port Kent Ferry over to Burlington as a foot passenger and walk to the Marketplace. Lots of shops, places to eat etc. AuSable Chasm is just a short 15 minute ride away. Also Lake Placid is a great place to visit. It is so gorgeous and the weather is very nice in the summer, not usually any warmer than 80s at the most. We will be up there from mid-July to early August.

  2. be prepared for narrow roads and short bridges... plan well

  3. Love all of the east coast and have spent many weeks in the Maritimes and New England states, wonderful scenery. Can't help you with your Questions sorry that was over 20 years ago before blogging.
    Enjoy it all whereever you go.

  4. We spent a two week vacation camping in the northeast about 20 years ago. We had a small travel trailer. I don't recall where we stayed, but we did really enjoy Acadia National Park in Maine, the Boston area and the White Mountains in New Hampshire. We also plan to spend a summer on the east coast in the future, so will follow your trip with much interest. Good luck!

  5. Try to schedule your driving near big cities for the weekends. And Always towards a city on Friday and away on Monday....The traffic is very aggressive.(no respect for larger vehicles)

  6. East coast campground are usually open from May to October and have to make their money then. It is more expensive camping in the East than it is in the West. (Except for CA beaches)

    Suggest you buy Passport America if you don't have it. Even with it there will be restrictions in the July-Aug timeframe when you can't use it at the more popular campgrounds.

    The Ches Bay Bridge isn't a problem with wind that often. We've been over it in a 37ft mh a couple times.

    Ocean side campgrounds in NC, VA, MD, DE will be expensive.

    Check out the state parks since they will be more reasonable. Usually 50amp service isn't always available with 30amp more common. It does get hot on the East coast.

    Washington, DC is a great place to visit. Cherry Hill Campground in MD is a great place to stay and has bus service to the metro. Don't even think about driving your MH in DC.

    Gettysburg is very interesting and there are a number of campgrounds in the area. We have a cabin just west of Gettysburg, so give us a call if you stop there. We should be back by July to September.

    Skyline drive in VA, NC is a very scenic drive with campgrounds along the way.

    If you would like more info, let me know via replying to the comment and I will email you.


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  9. Can't help with you East Coast plans but you sure do a nice job on you adult colouring.. Mine don't look near as good as yours!!

  10. Also another FYI just to let you know that in NY you can't take the motorhome on a parkway. :)


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