Thursday, July 28, 2016

Survey of Ability to Comment on RV Blogs

[From Craig]  In the last few weeks, we've noticed that Blogger doesn't offer the ability to comment on some of our favorite blogs.  So I've been doing some research.

We first noticed this problem on Pursuit Of Idle Pleasures.  Last night I looked at that site with all of the browsers we have.  Since we used to have our own commercial web site, we have almost all available browsers.  

I found that POIP did not offer the ability to comment on any of the following Mac OS X browsers: Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, SeaMonkey, and iCab.

Then I flipped my computer over to being a Windows 10 machine, and found that POIP did not offer the ability to comment on any of the following browsers: Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.  Finally I tried Safari, to which Blogger served POIP's front page WITH the ability to comment.  Then I went back to try Edge and Chrome again, and both now also offered the ability to comment.  Somewhere something had changed.  Very confusing!

Today I surveyed how many blogs are affected by this problem.  My sample includes all of the "favorite" blogs on our blog site, that have posted within the last 2 months.  The problem affected 4 of 41 sites:

Blog Name Comments?
Da Girls RV N
Phannie and Mae N
Pursuit Of Idle Pleasures N
The MoHo and Other Traveling Tales N
Adventures With Dear Miss Mermaid Child Of The Planet Y
Desert Diva Y
Down the Road Y
Erik's RV Blog Y
Flamingo on a Stick Y
Geeky Explorers Y
How to Love Where You Are and Eat Where the Locals Eat!! Y
It's About Time Y
Just Wanderin' Y
Land Cruising Adventure Y
Life's Little Adventures Y
Me and My Dog ...and My RV Y
On the Road Abode: Trading a zip code for a toad Y
On the Road Again Y
On the Road of Retirement Y
Our Awesome Travels Y
Owens on the Road Y
R Sanity RV Adventures Y
RV Days with Jessica and Harry Y
RV Khronicles of Kevelyn Y
RV SHRINK, Common Sense Peddler Y
RVing: The USA is our BIG Backyard Y
The Good Luck Duck Y
The Odd Essay Y
The Roadrunner Chronicles Y
The Wandering Camels Y
Travel Bug Y
Travel With The Bayfield Bunch Y
Traveling with the Longdogs Y
Walkabout with wheels Y
We are............Seeing The USA Y
What's up with Susan and Company Y
Wheeling It Y
Where's Eldo? Y

An interesting sidelight is that the 4 sites that don't always offer the ability to comment, happen to be 4 of our best friends in the RV world.  Seems like the best way to avoid the problem is to stay away from us.  :-)

I worked in the computer and software fields for 48 years, and have no patience with trying to correspond with Google (which owns Blogger) about this problem.  If anyone else does, send them the table above. Or perhaps all-seeing Google will notice this by themselves. In any case, I hope they can explain and solve it.  My guess is that the 4 sites with the problem have implemented their comments differently than the other 37.  

Data provided.  Craig over and out.


  1. Folks were having a lot of problems commenting on our blogs so I finally moved to Disqus add-on and it got better. Good luck!

  2. I had no clue Merikay. I haven't changed,anything in years. But I did notice,a drop off in comments. We are traveling and I'll be blogging when I return. Hopefully I can figure it out

  3. I feel your pain, guys. I went back and checked all of my comments settings, and I can't find anything amiss. I hope your research falls on listening ears somehow at Blogger. Thanks for your efforts!

  4. Interesting I can comment on most of those blogs, it is confusing.

  5. We've noticed that if we try to comment on a blog set up as a Google+ account it will not accept our comment but we manage just fine on everything else.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  6. My blog is set up with Google Plus for comments but has been that way for at least 2 years

  7. My blog (pursuit of idle pleasures) is also set up with Google plus comments, or at least I think so. I'll haul out my laptop one of these days and poke around. Thanks for the research Craig!

  8. Agree with your assessment. I have noticed the same.

  9. I think my assessment was that I'm baffled by the whole thing, which is an unusual thing for someone to agree with nowadays. Do you also use the "Google Plus comments" package on your blog?

  10. Thanks for the list. It's good to know people can comment on my blog. I've noticed there are a number of blogs that have no way to leave comments, so if I can, and if there's an email address, I send them my comment via email.

    1. My blog about our visit to the cave is up now. We really enjoyed it. Turning in your parking lot was a challenge, but we made it out safely!

  11. Thanks for coming to Marengo Cave Today. Carla Batman


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