Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Count down ...

Well, it's not long now! 
We plan to depart on Wednesday April 19th.
I am really feeling the "hitch itch"! 

Our daughter and her family were on a trip last week to visit East Coast colleges for our older grandson. Their plane arrived around 7:15 pm Sunday evening.  Craig and I went down on Saturday to pick up a Honeybaked Ham, and on Sunday prepared a nice goodbye dinner for them when they got home

On Monday and Tuesday, we've taken care of the pre-trip jobs. When your coach is your home, there is very little packing to do. We did make a few decisions and shifted some things to our site shed. Not having to carry the back seat of the Jeep around creates extra space and reduces the weight a bit.  We did our big annual maintenance in October, and have taken the Alfa out for two exercise runs while here, so we hope everything will be 100%. 

Our first stop, Bakersfield, is only 212 miles, so we can comfortably have a late morning departure. We will overnight at the Camping World there. We used to stop there as a half-way mark when we lived in Los Gatos and drove down to San Diego. They have a clean, well lit dry camp area.

Then we plan on spending two nights in Lodi, so we can drive over to Berkeley to go to the Berkeley Bowl grocery store. If you followed my blog when we had our house, you may recall it was one of our favorite places to buy vegetables. It is about 75 miles out of the way, so rather than drive the Alfa there and back, we will overnight at an RV park in Lodi, and drive the Jeep to Berkeley and back.

When we lived in the Santa Cruz Mountains, Craig was willing to drive 80 miles round trip to go to Berkely Bowl.  I prefer to think of it as a "day trip" through the delta. It will be interesting to see if we see any flood damage, and if the fields still have standing water. But it's really mostly "all about food!"

After that we have a couple of more planned stops in Oregon. We want to go to Medford because someone on the AlfaSeeYa Yahoo Group said that there is a place there that can duplicate our gas cap key. It is an odd one, and we have tried to get it duplicated at several places. At this point we have only one key, and we would really feel better to have a spare.

Then we will be heading for Bend, Oregon to get some of our windows defogged. Again, our choice of where to take the rig is based on a recommendation.  We have an appointment, and plenty of days to get there, so where we stop will depend on the weather.

"On the road again, "

 ♬ ♪ ♫ ♪♩♪

Happy, Happy!


  1. Looking forward to reading about your adventures.
    You might get two keys made just in case you loose another.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    it's about time.

  2. It always feels so good to get on the road after sitting for a few months. We aren't going to get out of here until the middle or end of May but I will be more than ready.

  3. Welcome to Oregon. The Redmond Fairgrounds RV park is nice.

  4. So nice to get back on the road again, enjoy your travels and good luck with your windows.

  5. We're headed to Klamath Falls and La Pine. It feels good to be moving.

    1. Our window appointment is on the 25th in LaPine. We will probably be there a day or three before. When will you be there and where are you staying? I haven't made any reservations.


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