Monday, February 26, 2018

Eagle Scout, a new card, and PT in RV

We are very proud of our oldest grandson Jeremy. On Saturday we attended a Court of Honor to celebrate his advancement to the rank of Eagle Scout, along with four of his fellow troop 500 members.
Andrew, Jeremy, and Deidre
Being very aware of the horrible events in Florida this past week, seeing these remarkable young men was even more precious. My heart aches for all those families. We are so lucky.

At the ceremony, one of our friends took a good picture of us. It is indeed rare for both of us to look this good! 

I decided it was a good image to use for a new card. Our old one was at least five or six years old.

This is the result of a couple of hours playing with Photoshop. 
We both had haircuts that morning! 

On another front:

The exercises for the Physical Therapy for my shoulder are going very well. I have advanced from simple stretch movements to using an elastic band to give me some resistance. In the RV, I have found a cabinet handle that is just the right height for this. 

Last week I have also started using a pulley system for range of motion work. It fits over the door to the closet hallway. My step stool that I use to help reach the higher cabinets, is a good backless seat.

When I advance to stand up exercises, this may not be high enough, but the ladder on the back of the coach should work just fine.

Overall the recovery is going well.  Slowly, but progress is being made. 

Next week we travel down to the Yuma area so we can visit Los Algodones, Mexico for some dental work. 

It will be interesting to see if our new AGM batteries charge faster when we are dry camping at the Casino.


  1. Merikay and Craig, you both look fabulous! We both enjoy the beautiful photos you post to your blogs. Do you both have the same cameras? I think I would be confused with all the lenses and settings. It is great you were able to be with your grandson to celebrate becoming an Eagle Scout. He looks so handsome in his uniform! Glad to hear your shoulder is healing. It helps to see pictures of your exercise routine in your RV. That is very creative.

  2. Congrats to your grandson, this is a great achievement!


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