Monday, February 19, 2018

Winter Blast at Lake Havasu City, AZ

I really was not sure what to expect when we reserved our space at the Lake Havasu City Rodeo Grounds for the Winter Blast event. I knew it featured three or four nights of what I had heard were very good fireworks, that you could watch right from your RV.

Well, that was not 100% true. On the first night we did join our fellow Alfa owners' group, sitting around our fire just outside our rig.  We could see the fireworks, but they were pretty far away and we could not see any of the ground works.

Friday and Saturday nights, we drove to the upper edge of the RV parking area and had a much better view.

Craig shot about 1400 images on those two nights, using a tripod and a rapid fire setting.  He deleted more than a thousand of them. I had a hard time picking out a few of the images of fireworks that I don't think I ever saw before. 

The Winter Blast is all about the fireworks, and not much more. We were on our own as far as activities during the day. As I mentioned in my last post, we did go to town and took one hike. The other days we were just lazy and relaxed around the coach, reading and playing with computer stuff.

We also bought the three night meal tickets for $25 per person. The food was pretty good considering the cost. It was made and served by locals and we ate at tables outside. It was nice to not have to cook for a few nights!

The fireworks were very special. From what I understand, different vendors and manufacturers of fireworks take turns setting up their shows, and trying out some of their newest products. Each night, they started before dark and continued well past 10 PM. We watched until we were too cold and a bit tired, went back to our Alfa, and listened to the booms for some time after.

We made reservations last November on the advice of one of our Alfa Facebook friends. Good thing, because the RV parking sold out. We were given information about reserving a space for 2019 when we checked in! We heard that many of the spots along the top rim have been reserved by the same people for years. We noticed many large groups of people having get-togethers up there.  There was plenty of room for everyone to set up front row chairs along the walls.

[From Craig] Is that an alien observer in the upper right?

Although we arrived on Monday, we noticed that many rigs did not come in until later in the week. The price was the same, $150, for one night to seven nights. We pulled out the following Monday. Our appointment in California, to get new batteries installed and have a few other things looked at was on Tuesday, so we were in no rush. 

I am posting this from the Leisure Coachworks (formerly Alfateers) parking area. We have met other Alfa owners who are also parked here to get work done. Looks like it will be a congenial group.

As almost always among RVers!


  1. Looks like an Enjoyable Time but don't think we could sit there watching fireworks for that long. Like you we would have been tired and cold. We did that for the Hot Air Balloon Festival last January.
    Great pictures Craig.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Best pictures we have seen. We were there 3 nights,long enough to enjoy the fireworks.

  3. May I share your blog?we need new batteries after dry camping. About how much h are you paying,and what kind,if you don't mind?

  4. Hi,if you don't mind what kind of batteries and how much.after dry camping we need to replace ours.
    May I share your blog from the fireworks? Love your pics and comments?

    1. We are getting Trojan AGMs. The specs on the ones that fit our coach are virtually identical to the specs on the Lifeline AGMs that fit our coach, suggesting that one company may build them for the other. They are expensive -- send us an email at and we'll reply with the price. Yes, please share our blog's URL with everyone you know. 🙂

  5. The pictures you selected are great. Love fireworks:)


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